Hanging on by my fingernails…(and toenails)

Usually my clinical depression makes me spectacularly unproductive – and god knows it’s trying to now, too – but I feel like my clip store is the only chance I have at avoiding total poverty this summer so I’m making it my one mission in life. Even if I can’t find time or energy to floss, clean the apartment, or feed myself, dammit I will make clips and post them and do social media for them.

I dropped the ball on that over the last couple of days but I’m trying to rally myself. I especially focused on doing a bunch of social media tonight, and as a result my store got about 30% more views than average and I got three new Twitter followers. If I can just cling to my sanity somehow and keep forging ahead, maybe I can get somewhere with this.

Sadly, I never managed to muster this much focus on marketing my art business – probably because I didn’t have as much faith that the art would take off. Not many people want to buy original art for their homes. A lot of people do want something to jerk off to and have five bucks though.

I’ve made two custom clips for people so far and both guys were thrilled to death with them, which bodes well. I do think I have a talent for this.

Fingers crossed that more sales start coming in. I’m in a wee little slump over here.


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2 responses to “Hanging on by my fingernails…(and toenails)

  1. For what it’s worth, I can totally empathize with your plight about being a depressed artist, and the difficulty being motivated marketing your art – it’s hard to even contemplate putting energy you don’t have into something that you know won’t really be appreciated. Best of luck getting through the current slump – it’s awesome that the clips thing seems to be taking off for you. 🙂

    (Are you still using the same email address, btw?)

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