Nail polish, shoes, and naked boy.

One of my FL friends bought me some shoes! He’d offered to do this and we’d talked a bit about it but then the conversation sorta trailed off so I figured that was that. But no, dude researched stores in my area that carry larger sizes of high heels, called one place, and bought me a $180 gift card so that I might go buy myself a pair of shoes in a style he likes and get myself something with whatever was left over.

The store, Long Tall Sally, is a bit on the snooty side so the gift card didn’t go as far as my benefactor might have expected. But I did purchase a pair of shoes that more-or-less matched his specifications (black, skinny heel, strappy but very very minimal so basically it’s just my foot displayed on a slanted platter). To be honest, because the shoes didn’t come in extra wide, my foot kind of overflows the sole of the shoe…but that hopefully won’t be too obvious to a casual observer.

I’m pretty disappointed in the limited style choices in the store, not to mention that almost nothing came in wide sizes. This is a store specifically for tall and large-footed women and they only cater to feet that are larger than average in one direction? That’s bullshit.

I tried on another pair there that I kind of want (though not enough to pay for myself, at least not at this juncture). They were basically lace-up strappy booties with 4″ stiletto heels, and I’ve never had a shoe so high and feminine and seximafied on my foot before! It was weird to see such a thing on me. They were surprisingly comfy, although I’d still be saving them for very special (and short) occasions. 😛

But anyway, that guy I made out with on my bday agreed to come with me and take some videos of me trying stuff on. Then I took him back to my place and we had unhurried, sweet, low-key, friendly naked times and play. Like I didn’t get totally lost in it or anything and I don’t think he did either but it was just…nice. I feel comfortable around him. And he was suuuuper fun to give a hand job to – done well before I got bored or exhausted and a tremendous moaner. Before the hand job, I asked about his STI testing status. He said his last tests were fine, but he’s had two or three new partners since. I told him his cock was just the perfect size and looked so pretty it made me want to ride it. He said he felt he should get re-tested first. My god, a man who actually does his share of protecting our health! And who’ll turn me down for my sake when I’m offering sex and we’re already naked and stuff! I already liked him but that made me like him about three thousand percent more.

And there’s just something about him where I felt comfortable with him right away. I got naked almost as soon as we got back to my place (I’d dressed too warmly for the weather and was sweaty so I took a shower and came out in just a towel and started making out with him, and the towel soon fell off), and he didn’t interpret this as an offer of sex or a hint for him to disrobe; he was even still easily capable of making eye contact with me when we talked. And we did continue having conversations about things between bouts of making out. Not long after that I had to pee and didn’t even bother closing the bathroom door. Later still, after my hand job had made him squirt like eight freaking gallons of semen all over himself, he took a shower and didn’t close the door, either. I went into the bathroom to hunt for my bra and he heard me, opened the curtain partway, and talked to me as he continued washing himself.

It was just really nice.

Also, the six nail polishes I ordered myself from my bday money arrived already, and I love the living shit out of every single one of them. These things aren’t always a given – sometimes a polish can be a gorgeous colour but hard to apply, or fine to apply but the colour isn’t what it looked like online. But these were all just wonderful on all counts.

In case you care, I bought:

The three colours necessary to make these “fiery” nails!

This black-with-silver-glitter!

This rich, shimmery red!

This textured glitter that looks like crushed garnets or something!

And now I reeeeally need to rein in my nail polish spending, because I’ve actually bought like six others in the last week or so, too. Admittedly most of them were on sale, but I tend to buy high quality brands so “on sale” still means like $6 each. STOP THE MADNESSSSSSSS!!!!!

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