btw, I celebrated my birthday recently and it was wonderful.

It was determined that MIne and my friend Red and a couple of other people would go out dancing. We convened at Red’s place for pre-drinking, and she’d made me a gluten-free cake! Her gift to me was a lip balm that smells like chocolate and jasmine and some other things. At first my brain was puzzled by the presence of non-chocolate scents mixed with the chocolate, but the more I smell it, the more I love it (Leigh Alanna, in case you’re reading this and curious, it’s Tokyo Milk Dark). I’ve been dabbing a bit on my neck as a solid perfume, too.

The club was almost totally dead and yet the music was right up my alley – which suited me just fine. For most of the night I was the only one on the dance floor, and I strutted and flailed and spun to my heart’s content.

And! By a weird coincidence, a FetLife friend I’m vaguely interested in, and have kissed a bit before, was at the club. I took Mine aside and asked if it would be okay if I made out with this other guy and he said “Yeah,” not in a worried or jealous or cautious voice but more like my freedom was a given and he was startled that I’d even bother asking.

OtherDude left before I got around to asking if he’d kiss and touch me at the same time as MIne, but as it stands we made out a bit while Mine was across the room playing pool with one of my friends. And then a few minutes later I went over to touch base with Mine and kissed him, too. I’m beginning to realize that sexual variety is kind of a kink of mine. Or, not exactly the variety per se, but just the idea of making out with more than one person in a short time period without either of them being upset over it or looking down on me as some big slut. I’ve been identifying as poly for years and it still feels like I’m getting away with something. 🙂

Today I got a bday card in the mail from my parents. Usually they enclose a cheque for $100, but this time they made it for $420, I guess to reflect the fact that I turned 42. I don’t know why they decided to give me more than usual – it’s not like 42 is a milestone birthday, unless you’re into The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which my parents are not – but the unexpected windfall makes me super happy! Most of it will be going toward paying off my line of credit, I think, but I did go on a wee online nail polish shopping spree. My finances have been slowly sliding toward dire lately and it’s just such a relief to have this little reprieve.


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