An unexpected annoyance

I need to get Mine to sign a model release form so I can post the clips we’ve made together. Turns out Clips4Sale has a sample one I can use. I just read it over and noticed that it refers to the model as “she” repeatedly throughout the whole thing.

This irritates the living shit out of me. Does the legal staff of a porn website (a website with categories such as CBT, BLOWJOB, and BONDAGE MALE, btw) really not know that porn with guys in it exists? Could they not have taken two seconds to put in more inclusive language?

I’m PMSing today and not really in the mood to be reminded that “female” is the Official Gender of Being Objectified for Others’ Arousal.


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One response to “An unexpected annoyance

  1. I like where you’re going with making these clips. It sounds really interesting and like something that I would enjoy watching. Keep fighting the good fight!

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