And the porning continues.

Part of me kinda-sorta hoped I’d have a steady – if slow – trickle of orders for my clips already. But no. I get a fairish number of views a day (though these are plummeting compared to the first day or two when I uploaded a new clip every six hours and my store was on the front page for being new) but no takers. I’m not shocked by this or anything but it’s hard not to feel discouraged, or to wonder whether this is just the normal momentum process or if I’m somehow doing something wrong and nobody will ever like what I’m offering enough to purchase it.

I’m trying to squelch my defeatist attitude and just stay the course.

And I have made like $25 in the week that the store’s been open, so it’s something. The orders were both from FetLife friends of mine so I think of them as not counting, but actually both guys have since mentioned that it wasn’t just an act of moral support – they really did wanna see my pr0n and they enjoyed it. I think both of them will be purchasing more. One of these guys in particular is a pretty big consumer of porn – an ethical one who pays for it – and he’s excited to discuss custom clips with me, too!

So…I guess I’m doing okay at this. So far.


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2 responses to “And the porning continues.

  1. it’s not my area, but i know a lot of the clip sellers i know through tumblr do a fair amount of advertising for themselves, mostly via tumblr and twitter. i don’t know how much effort/energy you can afford to put into it, but i’d check out the relevant tags on tumblr to see if advertising is worth your time.

    • I did start a Twitter account to try to advertise myself further (and to unify all of my porn-related stuff in one place, if I start for instance selling my used socks through different website or whatever).

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