Heart-explody cute.

A few times, when Mine and I have been playing/making out, I’ve bitten him so hard that he whimpered at me to ease up, so I did, but then I chastised him with, “If I’m not supposed to eat you then why are you made of meat?

He always earnestly replies “I don’t know!” like it’s a serious question and he’s feeling sheepish about inadvertently leading me on.


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2 responses to “Heart-explody cute.

  1. Will

    Not cool. If your sub asks you to ease off because of pain you’re not allowed to chastise them for having limits. That’s not consensual when you’re guilt tripping him for it being too painful for him.

    • I guess it didn’t come across well in writing but I was kidding with that whole thing, and he knew it. I don’t guilt people for having limits and I check in with my boy all the time to make sure he’s okay. There’s no issue here.

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