Art imitates life

One of the artists at work today referred to life drawing as an “energy exchange.” I found this secretly amusing because D/s is described that way, too, so it’s like…wow, apparently I gravitate heavily toward exchanging energy with people in all areas of life. 😛

I also found this idea fascinating, though, because I’d never thought of life drawing in those terms before per se. But it makes sense. I definitely feed off the energy of my “audience,” and I try to be focused and enthusiastic in my work so that they can feel it and hopefully be inspired.

The lady who made the remark today – and also, a few weeks back, an art instructor I’ve worked for – told me that she likes me because I project something when I pose. They both said that not everyone does that; I guess for some models the job is just this utilitarian thing of “Meh, I gotta sit still for X amount of time in order to get my money” whereas I want a pose to seem like it has an emotional context – even if the context is just “boy, I sure am enjoying relaxing in this chair.” The lady today said that some models don’t really seem to be “present” while they pose, and so give nothing much for an artist to work with, but I do.

A different artist once told me “you give a different emotion with every pose.” And I realized for the first time that yeah, I do do that. Without even consciously thinking about it.

Apparently I have good instincts for this job. Yay me!

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