Unsure if flake or just weird.

Some 19 year old messaged me on FetLife saying he’d like to “worship my feet online” and that this would entail him buying me things. He also commented on my note re: trading nail polish gift certificates for foot pics, saying “I’d do this!” but when I checked the email address the certificates go to, there was nothing new in there.

I wrote the guy back asking what online foot worship means to him, exactly, and reiterated that I’m more than willing to take foot pics in exchange for nail polish.

He was all “I’d love that!” but that was hours ago and still no new gift certificate. I don’t understand what he’s waiting for. Like, kid, if you wanna buy me nail polish, fucking do it, you’ve already read the note with the detailed instructions in it.

I feel like he’s waiting for some sort of prompt but I suck at etiquette so all I can think of to say to him is the previous sentence, which seems lacking in finesse. Maybe I’ll be like “Okay, well if you have a problem with the certificate-sending process let me know and I’ll try to help. :)”

Probably he’s just dangling the prospect of consumer goods in front of me just to keep me in the conversation so he can talk at me about his fantasies, though. My friend The Vixen basically got that all the time when she was a pro domme – guys who would call ostensibly to set up an appointment, ask her all about exactly what she offered and talk all about exactly what they wanted…and then not make an appointment. I mean she had a particular guy who would do this about once a week.

In other news, since I dumped him The Bunny seems to be RSVPing to even more kink events than before (like he’s literally planning on going to stuff every two or three days for the next few weeks), and he’s recently posted several semi-nude pics of himself that showcase marks other women have recently put on him (this from a boy who never showed more than an ankle or arm or a distant silhouette in any of his profile pics). The increased event attendance may simply be because he has more time on his hands with me gone, but the pictures feel like a taunt and they piss me off. Like okay dude, I know you’re open to every woman on Earth topping you except me. It’s why I dumped you. You can quit rubbing it in any time now.


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3 responses to “Unsure if flake or just weird.

  1. HonestAbe

    I’m glad the Bunny has moved on, he needed to find simpatico people to hang and have kinky fun with. I guess by dating you he found out what he didn’t want, so you have to be happy that at least he now knows what he wants and is getting it.

    • Not sure if “moved on” is the right terminology here because we were poly and he was going to events and getting his ass beat by other women while we were dating (And topping women, too, but that’s not so relevant here).

      For whatever it’s worth, I don’t begrudge him having fun these days. I begrudge him stringing me along before, saying the sex and kink would get better between us when it never did and meanwhile he was giving the things I wanted from him to other people. I wish he’d broken things off around eight months ago and put me out of my misery.

      And I still say it feels like his stupid body pics he’s been posting on FL are meant to taunt me. Which is incredibly mean.

      Y’know, despite him apparently losing all attraction to me a while back, The Bunny really reveled in how attracted I was to him. He told me he’d never particularly felt desirable before and it was a huge novelty to him how much I loved looking at him and how often I complimented his body. I seriously think he’s going into withdrawal from that right about now and that’s why he’s posting somewhat sexy photos. It’s like “Well if I can’t have all the compliments anymore I’m just gonna remind you that you can’t have any of this body anymore so nyah nyah!”

  2. play

    Maybe unfriend him on fetlife, at least for a while? That does not sound like a lot of fun, and if he is really doing it to taunt you, it seems to be working quite well.

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