When weird things come in handy

By the way, a few days back I went to The Bunny’s place and asked him to help me do some market research for my porn project. I wanted to see what kinds of foot porn were out there and whether stuff with just feet (not the woman’s face or genitals) could get lots of views. I feel overwhelmed by porn sites – so chaotic with their animated GIFs everywhere! And I don’t know which sites show the number of views a clip has gotten, and I hate porn sites enough that I’d prefer not to have to go randomly searching to try to find such information.

So I told him I needed him to be my porn-guide. And I told him that, for instance, I was thinking of doing a clip of me giving a foot job to a realistic dildo, but worried that this was a stupid idea and that nobody would watch it when there are so many actual foot job vids out there. The Bunny immediately said “No, dildo foot jobs are a thing. There’s a market for it.” And I leaped out of my chair to hug and kiss him because I was just so happy to have access to his broad spectrum of porn knowledge.

It feels surreal that my partner’s voracious porn consumption should be useful to me and make me happy, but there you have it.

Tangent: one of the clips The Bunny and I watched during our research had a woman telling her maie partner that his single-minded obsession with her feet left her consistently unsatisfied with their sex life. She announced that she was going to hold a Fleshlight between her feet for him to fuck, in hopes that giving him pleasure with a pussy-like object might eventually lead to him wanting PIV every now and then. The guy nervously responded “but you’re still gonna use your feet with the Fleshlight, right?” and at that point The Bunny and I looked at each other and said “OMG this is depressing as all fuck” and turned it off.

I really don’t know WTF that porn clip was going for. I could see such a scenario hitting buttons for cuckoldry or other kinds of “You’re worthless in bed” humiliation, but it wasn’t being played that way. I almost wonder if it was an actual couple just being themselves, and so detached from reality that neither of them had any idea what a boner-killer their life was.



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2 responses to “When weird things come in handy

  1. Thud

    Tapioca pudding makes a great stand-in when you need something that looks like c*m.

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