A fun game

The Bunny was supposed to come by today, but he woke up feeling sick and decided he’d better stay home and rest. So I proposed we play a game of texting each other close-up or weirdly-cropped photos of body parts and the other person has to guess what, exactly, the photo is of.

I was way better at this game than he was, but in fairness, The Bunny has skin that varies in colour a lot more than mine, plus much more noticeable body hair. But also I’m pretty sure I look at him a lot more than he looks at me. I’ve got him pretty well-memorized. It took me three guesses, max, to correctly ascertain what I was looking at. And one of the photos was an extreme closeup of the top of his foot. No bodily edges in sight, just a screen full of skin.

But another thing I liked about this game was how sexy all the photos looked. All those anonymous curves and textures. It really made me realize that society has conditioned us to lust after certain curves, and certain areas where skin presses on skin (cleavage, ass crack) but not others…but if you remove context, rolls of fat suddenly look voluptuously appealing. You suddenly realize that squishy softness can be wonderfully sensual no matter where it occurs.

I mean in this particular case I already loved The Bunny’s squishy bits, but I think even if I were still only into skinny boys this photo game would have opened up my mind to different kinds of beauty.

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