Finally started attacking the kitchen clutter for reaslies last night.

Literally 80% of the floor in there was buried but upon closer examination it turned out there were a few large items (an old empty bag of dry cat food, several reusable bags The Veteran lent me to get stuff home from her place (she gives me a lot of hand-me-downs)) contributing to the effect. Once I removed some of these big items the rest wasn’t really that scary.

I’m nowhere near done yet, mind you. But I threw out a bunch of things I don’t use anymore and I can see small areas of floor. If I wanted to, I could probably stuff all the remaining shit in a box, hide it in the bedroom, wash dishes/wipe counters, and conceal the mouldy/crumbling part of the wall and it would be looking about good enough in there for me to get the fridge fixed.

I think I’m gonna stay the course and actually sort through it all, though. The lack of fridge isn’t inconveniencing me too much yet and I’m thrilled with the progress I’m making. It’s a Festivus miracle!!!!

Happy holidays, everyone!


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2 responses to “Woohoo!

  1. Aspen

    So…after reading the last two months worth of updates (started at Milestone night) all I can think to say is: “Who are you you beautiful person?” Not in the, I actually want to know who you are kinda thing…just in the, you seem really awesome and I’m excited to have stumbled across your blog. Also, Mine seems adorable. Happy Christmas…slightly belated, I guess.

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