This oughta be an adventure…

Bought some ice cream yesterday. Took it out of the freezer for a taste a few hours later and it was ice cream soup. My fridge had died. And the kitchen is a complete shithole right now so I can’t call the landlord to get it repaired. Plus Christmas might fuck that up, anyway, I dunno. Repair-people might be on vacation.

Thank Christ The Bunny already helped me get the rest of the apartment in decent shape, so I only have to tackle the kitchen. But still. The kitchen is big enough for a table but I don’t have a table, so – for the past few years – any time I’ve had clutter that I didn’t know what to do with, I put it in the corner of the kitchen. Also, I had a plastic-wrapped canvas leaning against the wall and I guess it got damp in there so now there’s black mold. And a couple years ago my window A/C leaked, partially rotting the drywall on the window ledge.

It’s going to take at least a few days of hard work before I can resolve this fridge thing, is what I’m saying. Even for a normal person. Me, though, I tend to get easily overwhelmed and freak out under pressure, so I’ve pretty much spent today walking into the kitchen, silently looking around, then going into some sort of fugue state and coming out of it to find I’ve been on the internet for three hours.


In the meantime I have my perishables suspended in a bag outside the kitchen window and once that stuff is eaten/spoiled/whatever I plan to buy groceries in small increments that can be finished within two days. Thanks to a lifetime of health issues leaving me with barely the energy to stand up sometimes, I’ve learned that a pretty wide range of foods can be left at room temperature at least overnight (like when I go grocery shopping and then lack the spoons to put everything away…) and still not poison me. This would all be so much more difficult if I were one of these people who’s super prissy about food storage.

Don’t anybody tell me that horrible bacteria builds up on food that’s not properly refrigerated. I’ve already assumed this to be the case but I’m quite happy not knowing the details – especially since I don’t have a functional refrigerator and might not for another week or so.

Right. I should go stare aimlessly into the kitchen again.


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7 responses to “This oughta be an adventure…

  1. Andy

    I’ve probably asked this before, but are you familiar with the Unfuck your Habitat blog? It’s not for everyone but (as someone with a chronic illness) it really helped me get motivation to unfuck my space.

    • Pretty sure you linked me to it before (thank you!). Or someone did. Maybe that’s where I should spend my next bout of internet procrastination. 😛

      • Andy

        😛 I knew you were going to say that second bit. But 20/10s, man. 20/10s (20 minutes cleaning, 10 minutes resting). Or 10/5s if you can’t manage 20/10s. Whatever. The point is, at least to me, it’s so much psychologically easier to do anything when there’s a set start and end point. Don’t clean forever. Clean for 20 minutes. And take before and after pictures to share with the internet! It’s a good motivator.

  2. Thud

    I’d clear away whatever is adjacent to the mold and not offer any explanation to your landlord; the mod is his problem … likely an uninsulated spot in an exterior wall ?? Treat the drywall damage the same way.

    “Repair-people might be on vacation.” – now you’re just making excuses for people who will make their own. Check the landlord-tenant relationship by talking to your local tenant-advocacy group and find out the performance standards. Ours allowed 3 days for fridge repair then the tenant was entitled to compensation. But no compensation when 1 stove element didn’t work, and wasn’t fixed, in a month.

    Know your rights. You pay big dollars for shelter. The clock starts when you notify him.

  3. Thud

    I just realized I have a similar situation. I just had my 4th warning letter. My water meter has to be replaced and they need a huge space to work. I have stuff in that space, stuff that isn’t easy to move, because there’s nowhere to move it to. Yes, I’m a hoarder. On top of that I am vehemently opposed to this meter change program as its a waste of taxpayers’ money, to benefit BIG BUSINESS. So I can’t get motivated to do something that is difficult to do even if I wanted the end result. Oh … and there is MOULD in there, too, so the meter guy may refuse to work there.

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