FridgeGate update

I emptied the refrigerator completely last night (I’d put the stuff I’m actually still eating outside, but there was old stuff in there still that was beginning to stink). And I made some small in-roads into the clutter but not really.

Currently eating bacon and eggs that had been suspended out my window in a plastic bag for two days. Tastes fine.

I’ve looked up how cold a refrigerator is supposed to be and how cold the outdoors is going to be, though, and in the next few days it’ll become slightly warmer than fridge-level outside. So I’d better eat my most perishable things fast.


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9 responses to “FridgeGate update

  1. Thud

    You need to buy a fridge theometer so that you can set the new, or repaired, fridge to operate in the correct range.

  2. Andy

    *waves pompoms*

  3. Melissa

    Two things…if you know any of your neighbors, maybe ask if they have any space in their fridge? The cute gay boy across the hall maybe?

    You could also ask if anyone has a minifridge you could borrow (or buy one, they run from 50 to 150 in the states).

    Good luck cowgirl.

    • Cute gay boy moved out (I can’t believe you remember that tiny offhanded detail about my living situation!) and now there’s a cute Asian guy of unknown sexual orientation. 😀

      I kinda don’t want anyone here to know my predicament. But I might see if I can stash some stuff in Puppy’s fridge. He lives close-ish.

      Thanks for the luck-wishing!

  4. Pseudonymful

    Well that’s no fun.

    Depending on hassle-factor, you might consider buying bags or blocks of ice to chill the fridge, or maybe just the freezer portion for fridge-type foods, as an alternative stop-gap if it warms up too much outside? Assuming you don’t have an actual cooler around that is.

    Good luck!

  5. jooyous

    Keep reading this post title as “frigate”. Good luck with fridge!

  6. Thud

    Is your fridge fixed or replaced yet ???

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