Speaking of being smitten by a good sense of humour, The Bunny and I were snuggling and talking the other day and the conversation turned to ancient cultures who were way more knowledgeable about science than one might have expected. The Bunny referred to Stonehenge as “Astrological Druid Funtime” and the phrase sounded to me like a cheesy commercial for a theme park or travelling exhibition, so I started riffing on it: “Astrological Druid Funtime! Astrological Druid Funtime! ASTROLOGICAL DRUID FUNTIME! Come on down! Stare at strategically placed piles of rocks! Rent one of our fabulous ceremonial robes!” or whatever.

I wasn’t sure whether The Bunny got where I was going with that, or just figured I was having a stroke. But then he added, “Sunday. Sunday. SUNDAY!!!!” and I knew he got it.

So that was awesome.

Also, Mine is clearly as infatuated by my weird brain as I am by his. Here is an excerpt from some texting the other day:

Me: I dreamed about you.

Mine: What kind of dream?

Me: You were going on the lam for some reason, and came through my kitchen window so we could have one last night together. Then I think I was arguing that I wanted to come with you. Then some of your friends were standing in my kitchen giving their opinions. And then it turned into an episode of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. Kinda.

Mine: I would take you and the kitties.

Me: We would of course have to dye the kitties different colours so they wouldn’t blow our cover. Bastardcat would have to wear coloured contacts.

Mine: That’s why I would take you. I never even thought about cat disguises. You’re smart. [Dog] would need a mustache. [Mine has a dog.]

Me: Yes! And maybe some pants. Nobody ever suspects the dog with the pants.

Mine: I love you so much. You had me giggling so much that my sister asked why. She said we’re both weird.

Me: I love you, too. You had me at “cute little dick snag.” 😀

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