More adventures with Mine.

Mine is a masochist. He seems to get stress relief/catharsis from it. I had kind of assumed that paintimes wouldn’t mix too well with sexytimes for him for this reason. But he recently told me he’d fantasized about jerking off while I was wailing on his ass and back with hitting implements, so that’s…interesting.

I haven’t tried that yet, but the last time he was over I asked how he’d feel about me slapping him right when he was orgasming. He wanted to try this. So I rode his cock and when he said he was just about there, I slapped him in the face. Several times. So hard that the sound was less slappy and more just the flat-out clunk of my hand rattling his skull-bones. Helluva way to end two weeks of orgasm denial…he loved it.

This should also have been hot for me, but I was feeling sort of distant. I think this is just my normal fear-of-intimacy thing and that if I stay the course I’ll get past it – so I’m basically just gonna hang in there and see what happens.

He told me he’s had daydreams about us living together. He was worried that this would freak me out, but it didn’t – I’d daydreamed it, too, before this blanket of distance/caution/self-preservation/whatever fell on me. I wouldn’t have actually done it – at least not any time soon – but I’d been enjoying our D/s dynamic and kind of starting to fall for him and he lives in a different city, so of course I’m gonna idly fantasize about what it would be like if I had more access to him.

I have to say that the experience of living with Minx makes me never want to cohabit again…but Mine’s situation potentially has some built-in advantages that would make things turn out differently this time. He’s a handyman/labourer right now, but his ultimate career goal is to become a truck driver, and he’s actively working on getting the required licenses and whatnot. If/when that happens, he’ll be gone for substantial periods so I’d still have lots of quiet time and personal space. Also, I think he’d be willing and able to contribute more rent money than Minx did, so we’d be able to rent a place big enough that we wouldn’t be falling all over each other. And he’s a bit of a cuckold, so my being poly wouldn’t be too awkward. He likes the idea of me fucking other people.

So, y’know…if my sudden dip in feelings toward this boy is indeed just a phase, then maybe, someday…

In the meantime, we’ve set a concrete date/time for him to come blow my friend. So that should be fun.

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