I am the oddest matchmaker.

My friendship with that dominant dude continues. He’s awesome and I wuv him. I’m sad for him because he’s in a long-term relationship with a woman but she never has a sex drive anymore; he feels unwanted and sad and pent-up. I’ve been in similar relationships so I totally understand this.

Meanwhile, my submissive, Mine, is cock-obsessed. He doesn’t especially want to interact with a guy, just a dick. Or multiple dicks. He’s super into the idea of being treated like a set of holes for men to use, and he doesn’t care what the guys look like or anything.

Earlier today, I realized that maybe I could kill two birds with one stone.*

So I texted dominant dude, and he (and his girlfriend) are down. And Mine will suck anyone I tell him to. So now it’s just a matter of coordinating our schedules.

Mine is seriously so enthusiastic about dick. He was over recently and sucked one of my strap-ons, after which I had him wash it off for me and he said he actually began to get a little turned on just from rubbing his soapy hand over this silicone dick to clean it. Hopefully Mine’s rampant enthusiasm will give my dom friend the feeling of desirability he’s been missing, and give me some fun eye candy. Mine is thrilled to pieces that I’ve found him a real live cock to suck.


*Dom dude is poly (though he hasn’t had an opportunity to take advantage of this since entering his relationship) and is another guy I’d classify as straight-but-into-cock. He’s done stuff with dudes before and thought it was pretty fun, but isn’t into dudes visually.


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2 responses to “I am the oddest matchmaker.

  1. AWWWW that is so cute and romantic.

  2. Neb

    …I’m glad I’m not the only one into cock but not so much into men. (Though I’m a girl).

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