He knows me. <3

So I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but The Bunny recently started dating (and fucking) a new woman – the first person he’s fucked since we started going out. Doesn’t seem to have impacted on our relationship, and he has someone to top now, so it’s cool.

When I went to the local sex club with a cute 22 year old a week or two ago, The Bunny said that his girl would be there that night and I oughta say hi. I looked for her but didn’t see her – although I am awful at recognizing people, so, y’know.

But I went back to the club last night with Puppy and did end up bumping into her and saying hi.

I told The Bunny about this via text and this conversation happened:

Me: You never mentioned that [girl] is blonde now. I think her pics on FetLife are all brunette. I bumped into her at the bathroom at [club] and called her by name and I think it scared her a wee bit.

Bunny: She be a timid one. [New message, several hours later] And she gave me her version of the encounter. I am laughing.

Me: I promise I wasn’t scary or threatening! She was washing her hands etc. and I saw her tattoos and realized it was her. [New message] So I was like “…Is your name [name]? in the dorkiest shy voice ever and she was like “…yeah?” and I introduced myself and tried to make small talk (probably badly). And then Puppy and I left. [New message] Did she say I was eight feet tall with claws and fangs and tried to steal her lunch money? 😛

Bunny: She thought you were giving her the hairy eye. I said you were prolly just thinking heavily about if it was indeed who you thought it was.

Me: I was totally just trying to make sure it was her.

Bunny: Oh I know. Your face blindness. Which she took as angry face. Which is so hilarious.

Me: Ohhhhh right. I do have bitchy resting face. It’s a known problem. Like it may not be her paranoid interpretation but just how my face is. I’m glad you know me well enough to realize what really went down.

Bunny: The minute hairy eye was mentioned I knew it was you concentrating to remember faces since you said her hair colour threw you off.

Me: ❤ ❤ ❤


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