This boy…

I really need to think of a name for this boy whom I’ve declared my sub. Nothing sticks yet, though.

He’s becoming an interesting puzzle. At first glance he looked completely Joe Average to me. Standard thirtysomething white guy with glasses, jeans, plaid shirt and baseball cap. Manual labour job. Not much of a talker, and not someone who seems particularly precocious when he does talk. I’m usually drawn to people more like myself: offbeat personal style, talkative, smart and analytical and snarky.

But he has eclectic musical tastes and one of his favourite movies is Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In (which I own, btw). He’s self-aware enough to have figured out last year that he was clinically depressed, and to know precisely what he wants kink-wise even though he’d never explored much of anything before I came along. He still doesn’t talk much, but I’m beginning to sense that there’s more to him than meets the eye – and I want to pry him open and see.

I am reminded, once again, of a passage from the book A Home at the End of the World:

Although I kept my hands off him I couldn’t deny Bobby’s shaggy, lost-pony appeal. He had big square hands and a face blank and earnest as a shovel. If it weren’t for his eyes, his innocence would have been too lunar to touch. It was his eyes that cut through. Imagine a snug little house in the suburbs, with a plaster dwarf on the lawn and petunias in the window boxes. Then imagine someone ancient and howlingly sad looking out through an upstairs window. That was Bobby’s face. That’s what it was about him.



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2 responses to “This boy…

  1. kaija24

    Is he Nordic/Scandinavian? I ask b/c of the Swedish film thing and also because one whole side of my family is Nordic and we’re the “strong silent type”, as in very happy with “comfortable silence” and not talking unless there is something to say while enjoying and cultivating a rich interior life tinged with a bit of melancholy. This is a type I am familiar with (and am of myself) but did not realise how out of sync it can be for general North American culture the further I ventured from my rather ethnic birthplace :/

    • Unless he’s Nordic/Scandinavian WAY back or in tiny tiny part, nope! I’m not normally too good at guessing nationalities but this dude has the m ost Irish face ever so I asked if that was his background (…or maybe English?) and I was right – part Irish and part English. 😀

      Your description makes Let the Right One In make a lot more sense to me, though! I love that movie but the first time I saw it it bugged me that the main characters allegedly fall in love when they practically never said anything to each other – just sat around silently. I have since made my peace with that (remembering that dogs can immediately like or dislike each other without talking, and humanoids are animals, too). But hmmm, I guess all the silences are more likely a cultural reflection than a deliberate writing choice.

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