My lady-parts are feeling a little “off.” Like I may be getting a yeast infection. I haven’t gotten one of those in years and my first thought is that maybe it’s somehow because of all the sexual activity I’ve had lately, but I don’t think that’s actually a thing that can cause yeast infections. Urinary tract issues, sure, because penetration can smush bacteria up into the urethra. But I think yeast infections come from an imbalance inside a person’s body and can maybe be spread by fucking someone else who has one, but that’s it. Someone correct me if I’m wrong; I’m too lazy to Google right now.

It could be The Pedant specifically who caused this, since I started feeling the incipient itch a day or two after we had unprotected sex. I’ve texted him asking if he’s feeling yeasty at all (he’s had yeast infections before so he’d know what it feels like). No answer yet.


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4 responses to “Tangent

  1. kaija24

    It’s very likely that the bareback sex may have set it off. Semen is quite basic (i.e., less acidic than the normal pH of the vagina) and can throw off the normal balance in the vagina, thus creating the conditions for a possible yeast overgrowth. This is especially a true if unprotected sex (and thus direct contact with semen) is infrequent. If you did it all the time, your vagina would adjust accordingly 🙂

    So no worries…just go to the pharmacy and get the OTC treatment.

  2. I’ve sometimes found my vagina ‘reacts’ when I have sex with a new partner – its like an extremely mild yeast infection for a couple of days.

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