In which I continue doing all the things

That newbie sub I beat the shit out of a little while back? We had a second date the night before last that culminated in me sleeping over at his hotel room. As we were drifting off to sleep he asked if he could be my sub, and I said yes. I never normally warm up to anyone this quickly – Christ, I’ve never actually declared anyone my sub before, even after seeing them and discussing compatibility for months. I don’t know if I said yes this time because this boy seems extraordinarily awesome, or because lately I’ve become sick of holding myself ever-so-slightly aloof from partners and seem to be just fuckin’ jumping headlong into everything being offered to me.

He does seem pretty awesome, though, and I will no doubt be writing more about him. I should give him a name. Too tired to think of one right now.

But anyway, I barely slept that night – strange bed plus naked getting-to-know-you time with this boy. We fell asleep at maybe five a.m., and I dragged myself up at ten to stagger home and pretty myself up for that pro domme session. Almost immediately after that – leaving no time to catch up on sleep – I was slated to hang out with The Pedant.

Whom I banged. A lot. We dozed a little bit during that time, but for the most part I count this as pulling an all-nighter. I’m fuckin’ wrecked and will give more details some other time.

I’ll say this, though: I suspect this night with The Pedant was closure sex rather than the beginning of a whole new thing. He does things in bed that are irritating as all hell, and now that I’m not blinded by affection these things grate on me like whoa.

I’ll also say that although many aspects of the Pedant sex were befuddling or downright annoying, I still very much got some things I needed from it. Like perspective, and also a sense of power that was sorely missing in our previous dealings.

But yeah. I need to force myself to hermit for a few days, I think – I still have this bizarre compulsion to be constantly social and especially sexual, but it’s gonna burn me out. I feel bad about temporarily ignoring some of my harem members but I think I really need to.


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3 responses to “In which I continue doing all the things

  1. So much in win in that first sentence I must admit!

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