Inaugural pro domme session

Had my first session today! Overall it went okay, I think. I mean the client didn’t seem to have very specific ideas about what he wanted, so there was a bit of awkwardness as I tried various things, trying to figure out what pushed his buttons while still attempting to act domly. Plus every now and then my brain would kind of disassociate – “who is this guy and why is he sucking on my toes?” kind of thing. I kept having to remind myself to focus. In fairness, I was running on way too little sleep so even mundane everyday shit seemed surreal like that.

The client himself was an absolute sweetheart – respectful of boundaries and adorably nervous. He’d said he wanted office roleplay, foot worship, bondage, and ass play, so I conjured up a whole thing where I was an HR person and he was a team leader who’d had complaints about his overbearing management style. The session was about me teaching him a lesson in humility by making him crawl at my feet, etc. He mostly let the roleplay part slide, though, and I was unsure if I should drop that facade too or if he was expecting me to maintain it.  So I somewhat waffled back and forth between just being myself and throwing out the odd token line about office culture. 😛

When I told my headmistress afterward about the roleplay part kinda slipping, she said she feels like a lot of dudes say they want roleplay because they think it’s expected, but really most of the time they just want the domme to wear a certain outfit and do certain activities – they don’t actually give a shit about context. She also says she suspects a lot of guys think that roleplay is something a domme just does to them – it doesn’t occur to the guys that they actually have to contribute. Apparently it’s pretty standard for pro domme clients to claim they want role play and then basically forget the whole premise within five minutes. So that explains a lot.

Small awkwardnesses aside, the client seemed suuuuuper happy at the end of the session and gave me profuse thank-yous and compliments. It was probably the best first experience I could have asked for.

And now I have $150 I did not have this morning.


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7 responses to “Inaugural pro domme session

    • M

      Crap – how does that price feel to you? Is that a good price for what you’re doing, to you?

      I’m just curious. Ive been job hunting recently so I’ve been thinking about what is and isn’t worth the money. Ie jobs that pay minimum wage but require standing all day. I’m just not in a position where that is worth it to me. 🙂

      • I think a lot about that stuff, too.

        $150 feels pretty good. Technically, it isn’t really $150 an hour because after the session I need to tidy up whatever mess got made and change back into my street clothes, and also the place is an hour’s commute from my house so it’s more like three and a half hours of my day being used up for a one-hour session. But many of my art modelling jobs are an hour or so away, too, and most of those gigs pay $20 per hour. Sometimes less. And the two types of work are surprisingly similar.

        I like the art modelling more than I think I’ll like pro domming. But I think modelling should pay substantially more than it does, considering the skill and effort and bodily wear and tear involved.

        Based on my fairly limited experience, I’d rather do an hour long pro domme session than work an hour of retail or an hour in an office. Especially since I’d make ten to fifteen times more at the pro domming.

  1. I’m so glad your first experience was a positive one!

    I’m really curious what ‘ass play’ involves in a pro session. Do you mind sharing?


    • I don’t know if different dungeons have different rules or if different cities or countries have different rules about these things, but the particular place I work for has gloves, lube, dildos and a strap-on harness on hand for this sort of thing.

      My client was a total newbie to any sort of penetration so I just used my fingers. I was a little worried that he would turn out not to enjoy it – I’ve introduced quite a few first-timers to this in my day and most of them came away from it saying “That was weird and made me have to poop.” Luckily, this guy enjoyed himself – in a hilariously adorable “Gee whiz!” kinda way.

  2. Ah, interesting. Thank you.

    I know that the laws (and probably house rules) vary wildly, but I have no idea about what/where which is part of what makes me so curious (the rest is pure nosiness :)).


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