More about the sex club

I really need to give my crossdressing new suitor a name. I think I already used “Puppy” for someone else, but that guy pulled a fade after one date so fine, I’ll recycle the name. The new boy identifies somewhat with being a puppy and we’ve talked about engaging in some sort of play in that general direction, so yeah.

Anyway. The Puppy and I went to our local sex club the other night and it was absolutely lovely. He introduced me to a bunch of friends and acquaintances; one of these, a very cute girl, was celebrating her birthday that night and had brought a shitload of Pixie Sticks with her (little paper tubes of flavoured sugar, basically). She had the idea that people could lick the powder off her or each other.

So a bunch of us ended up sitting around and doing this, each of us either naked or clad only in a towel. I licked a bit of sugar off Puppy and vice versa, and he licked some off Birthday Girl, and some other people licked sugar off Birthday Girl and she licked it off other people. But everyone else appeared to be a pre-existing friend of Birthday Girl’s, so I didn’t want to be presumptuous in asking to lick anything off her. She offered, though – first asking me if I’d like to and from where (I chose between her breasts) and, later, summoning my attention to her and pointing at a little line of it she’d put on her hipbone. 😀

Eventually we decided to move from the common area to the dungeon room. All of Puppy’s friends were really awesome – friendly and hilarious and just great to hang out with – and we just all kind of idly sat around and chatted and continued sometimes licking bits of Pixie Stick off each other. A very cute boy in our group saw Puppy caressing my head and said he was jealous because he loves headrubs. I patted the floor between my knees and said “Well, bring it on over.” And so I ended up giving this hot boy a headrub. At some point during this, Birthday Girl had settled herself on a bondage table thingy on her belly and Puppy was caressing and massaging her. Cute Boy asked me if I’d like a massage in return for the headrub I’d given him, and I said yes, and he gave me a lovely, lengthy shoulder massage and then a foot massage. During this, I looked up to see that Puppy was licking Pixie Stick powder off Birthday Girl’s tongue. It felt a little surreal, but I wasn’t jealous. How could I be when I was getting attention from someone besides my partner, too? Also, even during his shenanigans with Birthday Girl, Puppy would occasionally pet my arm or hair or smile at me, so I still felt acknowledged and cared for.

Then another woman asked Cute Boy if he was any good at foot rubs because she might want one after me. I heartily endorsed his skills, and eventually he switched his attentions from me to her. I came and stood beside the bondage table with Puppy, petting him as he petted her. And then Birthday Girl opened her eyes, saw me standing there, and said “Feel free to join in, if you’d like.”

“Massage, light touches, or fingernails?” I asked, and she said she liked all of those things. I ended up mostly just running my hands over her softly, trying to find which spots would get the best reactions. She was fairly stoic but caresses to the back of her neck made her squirm and wiggle her feet. 🙂

While I was up by her head like that, she asked “Can I touch you?”

I said “Yes, please!” and she reached a hand behind me to caress the backs of my legs. I heard Puppy murmur to her that I like light, tickly touches the best (yay, teamwork!). And for a little while there all three of us were petting each other, and I felt honoured to have been asked to join in.

Nothing went any further than friendly touching of non-genital areas, but this is still the closest to an orgy situation I’ve ever gotten. And it was fascinating as hell, in that it was less intimate than one-on-one touching and yet at the same time there was a huge and pervasive sense of love in the room. Or maybe not love so much as an affectionate interest in giving pleasure, but still. I felt warm and floaty and I had to make a conscious effort to remind myself to respect boundaries – I mean I was in such a bubble of happy feelings that I kind of loved everyone and would have caressed any of them, but they would not necessarily have been into that. And I was too shy to ask, for the most part. So I restricted my attentions to the people I knew were okay with it: Puppy, Birthday Girl, and to a lesser extent Cute Boy.

One of the people in our little group had almost the exact same body as The Pedant, by the way (right down to the smallish uncut cock that veered to one side!) – and also the same hairstyle and goatee, although his facial features were quite different. It filled me with such nostalgia I just about could’ve died. I reined in the impulse to ogle or hit on him, though, because he was with a girlfriend with whom he was clearly huuuugely smitten and I got the vibe they were monogamous. Neither of them engaged in licking or touching of other people, for instance.

The next day, though, I found myself texting The Pedant to tell him about the encounter. Partly because I’d be fascinated to hear that I had a body double running around, and partly out of a catty urge to let him know I’m having sexual adventures even without him in my life. I expected that he’d acknowledge the text and that’s about it, but no, he springboarded it into a conversation and possible get-together:

Me: I think I met your stunt double at [name of club] last night. It was downright eerie.

Pedant: At [name of club]?

Me: It’s a sex club downtown. Dude was walking around naked all night, so I had ample opportunity to observe the similarities.

Pedant: Oh, that place…near [intersection], yeah? I’ve heard of it, but never been inside.

Me: More like [intersection in a very different part of town than he’d named.]

Pedant: Oh. I clearly had the wrong idea about where it was.

I expected that he would end the conversation there – he never was one to engage me in small talk via text – but no, after a minute or two he prodded me into talking some more:

Pedant: How did your evening go?

Me: It was lovely and a bit surreal. 😀

Pedant: Hahaha…you’ll have to give me details another time.

Me [wondering if he meant it for real or if it was just a figure of speech]: if you’d like. There are bits that you’d definitely enjoy hearing about.

Pedant: I see what you did there.

Me: *facepalm.*

Pedant: I should have a day free sometime in September. What’s your sked like these days? Still mostly noctural, or modelling during the day?

Me: Still mostly nocturnal, I guess.

Pedant: That will make it easier to plan a late-night tea-and-stroll. I’ll let you know what my schedule is like.

Me: [thumbs-up emoticon]

So yeah. He’s allegedly up for hanging out. And I, of course, am immediately wondering if I can parlay this into fucking. I mean, maybe I won’t want to; maybe I’ll hang out with him and the magic will be gone. But if I’m still attracted…well, it’ll be awkward as fuck if I initiate something and it turns out he really just wants to be friends, but I think I probably will ask. Just very, very casually, so that if he says no I can be like “Okay cool just checking” and life will go on.

And if we do end up fucking, and it’s as amazing as it used to be, I think I can actually parlay it into a semi-regular thing without getting hurt. The Pedant is shitty as a main boy for me; he doesn’t give me as much attention as I need. But I have The Bunny now, and it’s looking like I may have a harem of additional partners, too, unless something goes kablooie. So I guess what I’d do is tell The Pedant “If you wanna hook up again, let me know. I mean tell me a concrete date that you can come over. And if I’m free, we’ll get together.” And then I’ll go live my life like he doesn’t exist, unless or until he says “I can come over on Tuesday. Are you free?” or whatever.

It’s a thought.


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