There’s a 22 year old I had a date with a couple of months ago. I like him, and we’ve been in regular touch, but haven’t seen each other since. He lives in a neighbouring city and we’re both pretty broke, so I’d been thinking the logical thing would be to invite him over rather than going for dinner or drinks – cheaper for both of us and more private for making out. But my place is a shithole not fit for guests; I kept telling myself I’d have him over once I’d cleaned up, but that kept not happening. However, I’m now on meds that are slowly restoring my energy and motivation, and I’ve also realized I was letting my desire for the apartment to look perfect overwhelm me so I couldn’t even start. I shall now strive to make my space livable rather than perfect. And I’ve invited the boy over for next week so I have a deadline to work toward.

Tonight, I’m having a meet-n-beat with this guy. This will be the first time I’ve met him in person, but I gotta say in messages he’s continuing to hit all the right notes. I’m seeing a lot of potential.

The boy I spontaneously fucked the other day seems to be making good on his implication that this is an ongoing thing – we’ve been texting each other daily and will probably see each other tomorrow. Both of us are in a situation where we’ve known about our D/s interests for ages, and played here and there with people, but never had what you’d call a D/s relationship – and we want one. And we match up quite well. He’s a nerdy genderqueer long-haired crossdresser, so in some ways this feels unnervingly like Minx II: Electric Boogaloo. But the more I get to know him, the more my sense of deja vu will pass.

I find myself picturing various FetLife relationship statuses with these boys the way other chicks might doodle their first name with their crush’s last name to see what it would look like if they got married (Mrs. Jane Doe. John and Jane Doe. Jane Smith-Doe…).

So-and-so: girl of – perversecowgirl.

So-and-so: masochist of – perversecowgirl.

So-and-so: pet of – perversecowgirl

perversecowgirl: dominant of: so-and-so.

perversecowgirl: sadist of: so-and-so

perversecowgirl: owner of: so-and-so


*dreamy sigh*


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5 responses to “Harem

  1. Thud

    PROSPECTIVE And I had discussed going to a motel, which motel, where, when, and finally she just said “come to my place”. When I arrived, I walked into something that looked like it had been broken into & trashed, or the victim of a police raid, or a grenade had gone off accidentally. It was VERY messy, cluttered, but not dirty.

    And it was one of the most-interesting second-encounter-sex I’ve ever had !!

    • The problem I’ve run into in the past is that dudes don’t believe my words. Like I guess a lot of women exaggerate in a self-deprecating way, so when I’ve said “We can go back to my place, but it’s a pig sty” they assumed I meant, like, a pair of socks strewn on the floor and a dirty plate on the coffee table but otherwise everything spotless. So they’d be like “Oh, I don’t care about the mess” and I’d bring ’em home and their faces would go all horrified once they actually saw the place.

      Even saying “I’m not being girly and self-deprecating here. I mean PIG STY. Filthy, filthy shithole” didn’t help much.

      I don’t want that to happen again.

      • Thud

        I can understand that. I don’t like living in a mess, but I’m a hoarder. Not dirty, just cluttered. I vacuum regularly, and dust. But there’s a lot of “stuff”.
        I haven’t seen her new place yet. Unfortunately she moved further away, to be in the middle of her 3 or 4 jobs, and its much more difficult for me to get there. Hence, occasional motels. Mostly restaurants, and backseat. I think its love.

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