Such a lovely boy.

The Bunny invited me to a munch recently, but then the day of he had to cancel because his occasional contract job needed him that evening. He encouraged me to go anyway, both because it’s good to get involved in the community and because he knew a particular guy I’d been courting would be there. I said “I am not good at walking into crowded places alone.”

Whereupon The Bunny said he’d spare an hour to go with me and get me settled in before going off to his second job. OMG. 😀

The munch was a little overwhelming – very noisy, hard to hear people – but still pleasant. My potential play partner was indeed there, and The Bunny discreetly slipped off to say hi to some people so the other boy and I could catch up for a bit. This boy knows shitloads of people, so I decided to basically ride his coattails all night as he circulated. He was amenable to that. At about this point, The Bunny swung by to check in with me, I told him things were A-OK, and he kissed me goodbye and went off to his evening job.

I met a bunch of people over the course of the evening – most notably a guy who’s cute as hell and genderqueer, and a lady who’s a fellow pro domme from the dungeon I’m signed up with. She seems really awesome and was suuuuper welcoming when I told her we were colleagues. I hope we get to gang up on a client together one day! Also, The Bunny introduced me to a friend of his who seemed about as awkward and nervous as I was, so I took her under my wing and both of us followed my potential play-partner person around all night. 🙂

Only an hour or so after The Bunny left, he texted me to say he’d gotten his work done way faster than anticipated and might come back to the munch. But it turned out the buses where he was came stupid far apart so it probably wouldn’t be worth it – people would be mostly gone by the time he returned. I offered to come over to his place for some snuggles instead, but he wasn’t up for it. He offered to see me on Wednesday night, but I’m working that night. He asked until what time (10pm) and offered to come by and give post-work massages. That late at night, on a work night. Oh I am so smitten right now. 😀

Anyway, The Bunny’s friend had come in from a neighbouring city, and when we’d had enough of socializing she asked if I would walk her to the bus station because it was dark out and she felt nervous to go alone. I was happy to do so. 

Along the way, she told me a story about The Bunny. She said the two of them went to a party or something a few years back and she ended up pukey-drunk. He took her back to his place; along the way she insisted on stopping in at the all-night drug store for makeup remover pads because if she left her makeup on it would end up in her eyeballs and sting (or something? I forget). At his place she was fading in and out of consciousness. She vaguely remembers flickering into sentience while he was taking off her eye makeup (“Is it easier if I keep my eyes open?” “Yeah, actually.”) and again while he was changing her into a pair of pajamas. He put a bucket by the bed in case she had to puke and slept at the foot of the bed so he’d be close at hand if she choked on her own barf or something. And, by the way, they weren’t dating. They never have dated. She’s not attracted to him that way and I think it’s mutual. This is just The Bunny taking care of a friend.

His friend says she would pretty much trust The Bunny with her life (but obviously hopes that she’d never be in a life-threatening situation). I’ve actually had the exact same thought, many times. The Bunny is highly ethical, physically strong, smart, and seems like the type to stay calm in an emergency. I trust him completely.

I’ve actually told him that he’s my go-to companion in a post-apocalypse situation (he’s a qualified electrician, owns guns and knows how to use them, good at tying knots, an accomplished cook who could probably make palatable meals over a fire if necessary). ‘Course he’d be getting the short end of the stick because all I bring to the table is an ability to reach shit on high shelves. I’m wussy, have no survival skills, and don’t want to ever have kids so repopulating the Earth is right out (my wide hips are just for decoration…). So let’s hope the world doesn’t end any time soon.

Anyway. The Bunny has been impressing me lately. And I’m glad I went to the munch.


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  1. Argentum

    “I’ve actually told him that he’s my go-to companion in a post-apocalypse situation … let’s hope the world doesn’t end any time soon.”

    OMG you are hilarious! This whole paragraph is hysterical.

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