The Bunny and I were supposed to go to a play party last night, but it got cancelled. So he just came over instead. He happened to mention yesterday morning that he hadn’t jerked off in a couple of days and I was like “Save it for me!” He said he would.

Then that evening, maybe half an hour before he was supposed to leave for my place, he was all “I’ll edge myself for a while before I leave. I think today you haz the power to milk me.” That sounded very interesting indeed.

A half an hour later he texted me saying “Why did I do that to myself? O.o”  HA HA frustrated boy is frustrated.

I texted back “Because I like it. :D”

Surprisingly, though, when he got here he asked if we could watch some Archer on NetFlix instead of wanting to go directly to the bedroom. 

I was still dressed because I’d just gotten home from a modelling gig; when The Bunny settled onto the couch for NetFlilx time, I ducked into the bathroom for a pee break and also changed into a pair of cute panties just to taunt him a little bit and stoke the fires. The Bunny was fully dressed, but after a while of us snuggling and watching cartoons he got up and stripped down to boxers. My air conditioning was turned up to a point where my mostly-nakedness was bordering on too cold, but The Bunny is a human heat pump and snuggling into his chest felt fucking glorious – a most excellent juxtaposition of hot and cool. And then reached into the fly and started idly playing with his dick, which is his not-so-subtle way of signalling that he’s interested in gettin’ it on. 😛

I took the hint and reached over and played with his junk a bit. He wasn’t hard, nor did he get hard under my ministrations. This is somewhat unusual for him and I worried that we might be in for another spell of erectile dysfunction. But I didn’t say anything because that would probably have made it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead I popped into the bedroom to get my leather wrist and ankle restraints, and buckled them onto The Bunny for my future convenience.

More snuggles, and then The Bunny got up again and peeled off his boxers, and ohhhhh yes all those unbroken acres of smooth, hot skin. So lovely. Also, unfettered access to his cock, which somehow I always end up sucking/licking lately, un-domly though it may seem to some people. He still wasn’t hard, but made some lovely moans when I experimented with running my tongue between his foreskin and glans.

The current episode of Archer finished, and we moved to the bedroom. Actually, first I instructed him to go pee. When he asked why, I said “Because I’m about to stick things in your ass, and if you don’t pee now you’ll have to go two minutes in.” I know this because it’s happened a bunch of times before. He obligingly went and peed.

Then I used the restraints to spread-eagle him on the bed and Pure Wanded the hell out of his ass.

…Okay, I was more slow and gentle than that may have made it sound. 😛

But pretty soon after I slid the lubed wand into place, The Bunny started making soft happy-sounds and getting hard. I used my free hand to jerk him off and his sounds escalated rapidly. Faster than I even believed possible (for him), he seemed right on the brink of orgasm…all tensed up and making a steady stream of moans. And he stayed on the brink. Stayed and stayed… I suddenly realized there was warm liquid flowing freely over my jerk-off hand (I’d been focusing too hard on keeping my two hands in sync and on-rhythm to notice at first). I assumed this was prostatic fluid (which in my limited experience is transparent) but when I looked, it was white like a regular ejaculation.

I kept on simultaneously jerking his cock and wiggling the wand in his ass, and The Bunny kept moaning and moaning. Eventually he said I could go ahead and stop. It seemed less like the event (whatever it was) had concluded itself and more like he was just sore or tired and didn’t want to continue. So I gently pulled the Pure Wand out of him and we sat there for a minute in silence and finally I was like “So, um…what did I just witness?”

The Bunny said that basically he’d just orgasmed, except the muscles that usually shoot the semen out were overstimulated by the wand and didn’t fire. So instead of ejaculating he just kinda…poured.

Now, I did a solo experiment once to see if I was capable of orgasming without tensing my body all up, and a similar thing happened – I managed to get there, but my Kegel muscles didn’t clench. The orgasm just kinda flooped out of me instead of happening in waves, and overall it wasn’t nearly as pleasurable. This is what I assumed happened to The Bunny. But I dunno. He was like “Okay, well I guess you milked me” and I said I think milking is supposed to be an ejaculation without an orgasm. Shortly after that he said (not even seeming to realize he was contradicting himself) “I guess that’s what a prostate orgasm feels like” and I said maybe, but I was kind of under the impression that a prostate orgasm is its own thing, not a regular orgasm but without the clenching. Later still he characterized what had happened as not an orgasm. I guess it was such a new sensation that he felt confused and didn’t know what to call it. I like that I got to be the first one to make him feel a thing. 😀 

When he said that what happened had not in fact been an orgasm, I was like “Sooooo does that mean you’re still good to go?” And grinned at him. He was still attached spread-eagle to the corners of my bed.

He said “Maybe we can try out some tease and denial stuff.”

“Yes! I like this idea. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this effectively with you – I mean I’m not sure I know your signals enough to really be able to play your body effectively. But practice makes perfect!”

I fluffed him up to hard again, and intended on edging him using my hand(s) but got distracted by wanting to fuck him. So I condomed him up and rode until his erection got too bendy to keep going, and then I settled back between his legs and de-condomed him and tried various different handjob techniques. There’s a hand-over-hand thing you can do that’s supposed to feel like the guy is entering an endlessly long vagina; all indications point to this sensation being “meh” for The Bunny. Ditto exiting an endlessly long vagina. When I did a thing similar to what the kids would call an “Indian burn” though (but softer and with lots of lube) hoo doggies did that get a response. He told me later that it was really just the top hand that was making him moan like that – the one swirling around the head. The hand twisting on his shaft wasn’t contributing much. So now I have plans to ambush him with a Tenga Egg (textured rubbery disposable “sleeve” that fits over just the head of the penis) at some point and work him like I’m juicing an orange. 😀

Annnyhoo. I had a super-fun time playing with The Bunny’s penis – twisty-handjobbing him until he got all worked up and then switching to something less stimulating for a bit – but ultimately he said it was getting to be too much and he needed to stop. When I let him out of the restraints he asked if there was anything he could do for me, and ended up simultaneously Hitachi-ing me and caressing my feet. But orgasm remained elusive so I, too, ended up bowing out before consummation.

Got there by myself later that night, though, while remembering his soft, steady prostate stimulation moans. 

Oh, and sometime during all of the jerking off and whatnot, I was attempting to rile The Bunny up even further via foreplay-type stuff and accidentally discovered that he’s squeamish about being licked. Not in a germophobic way, just…I was flicking my tongue over his belly and he reacted strongly to it. I said “was that good or bad?” and he said it felt weird. Not exactly ticklish but…weird. So I did it some more and he was yelling and cringing and wiggling in a most entertaining way. How intriguing. I’d been operating under the assumption that big reactions require big actions – pain or tickling or, I dunno, dropping huge spiders on someone. It never occurred to me that I could elicit such shrieks by doing some easy little thing that doesn’t even leave marks. This opens up a whole new world for me. 😀

Curiously, his body language when he left was a lot less lovey-dovey than the last time I saw him (after the play party where he was suspended and I hit him). I mean he kissed me goodbye and everything, but with the vibe he was giving off he might as well have given me a jaunty punch in the arm. Kinda wondering if this is a defense mechanism – like he felt a little too close to me last time and now he’s putting up a bit of a buffer zone. Meh, whatever, I don’t care that much. I miss feeling loved by someone, and of course when The Bunny’s behaviour fluctuates I have a tendency to think “Does he like me less all of a sudden? Why would he like me less? I’m not doing anything different!” but overall I do not have a pressing need for him, in particular, to have Big Feelings for me. As long as he continues being a steady presence in my life, that’s good enough.

In other “exploration” news, The Bunny and I talked more today about co-topping a woman. It’s been on my mind a lot lately, if only because it’s the horndog week of my cycle. My quasi-interest in women waxes and wanes and I’d be willing to bet it’s hormonal. During this time of month everyone starts looking a little extra hot – women and men both.

And even if I’m not in a very “attracted to chicks” phase, I think I could nonsexually top a woman and enjoy the hell out of it. When The Bunny and I go to play parties it seems like pretty much all the other bottoms are chicks; I watch these women getting beaten etc. and if the chemistry between them and their tops is strong, I feel…not necessarily turned on, but all jazzed up and aggressive and toppy. The chemistry is more important than the genders involved, is what I’m saying.

Also, to a large extent my interest in women is determined by their interest in me; I mean I can acknowledge that a particular woman is really cute without feeling drawn to her at all, but if she’s clearly drawn to me I’ll start being all awkward and dorky and having thoughts. So really, if I think a woman is cute and she starts getting visibly turned on when I’m doing things to her, I’ll get turned on, too.

Anyway, The Bunny and I discussed what we’d want and how to go about getting it. And I told him I was open to some sexual teasing being part of things, but if the woman in question only wanted him to be doing the sexy stuff and not me, that might be a dealbreaker (I want to feel like this person actually likes me, not that she’s only into The Bunny and just using me as an interchangeable set of hands to add to her Bunny experience). He said he figured I’d feel that way, and it’s fine. I asked how he’d feel if we met a woman who wanted both of us to beat her but only me to do sexual things, and he said he had no problem with that. Doesn’t surprise me – he would get more out of watching me with a woman than I would out of watching him. Like, worst case scenario he gets free porn acted out in front of him.

The Bunny said he thinks submissive women are probably more open to being hit on by dominant women than dominant men. This seems feasible. I, meanwhile, am not into the co-topping idea enough to want to put up a personal ad or anything – especially because chemistry matters a lot here and I’d just as soon not have to weed through a bunch of strangers. I’d way rather be approached by someone who’s seen us at play parties already, so she knows our play style and (presumably?) thinks we’re both cute or whatever, and we’ve probably noticed and have opinions on her, too. I’d want things to happen somewhat organically.

So, I’ve updated my FetLife profile with a blurb about our interest in co-topping. That way if someone met us at an event and liked us enough to look us up, they’ll stumble across that and know that maybe we’d be up for some play.

The Bunny also says if I ever want to top a guy with him around, he’d be happy to provide “suggestions and guidance.” What he seems to have in mind is a “bad cop/worse cop” routine where he suggests things for me to do and I’m like “Oh, you mean like this?” but I deliberately do the thing in the wrong spot so he can “correct” me. Then I’ll do the thing in a different wrong spot. Etc. Sounds delightfully evil. I asked if he’d tie the guy up for me, and he said maybe, or at least coach me in how to do it.

I like that The Bunny seems to be getting more comfortable with the idea of interacting with dudes. Maybe it helped that when we had our little MFM thing at the sex club that time, I respected limits and didn’t so much as hint that the boys should make out. I think it would be neat to co-top a guy with him one day (nonsexually, at least on The Bunny’s end, since he’s straight). The Bunny seems willing to co-top a woman with me nonsexually for the pure purpose of seeing how it feels for us to work together, so I figure his reticence about topping men is just a paranoia thing that I’ll push for more or that (if we’re doing this in public) people will think he’s gay.

I kinda think that if I wait long enough he might come around, though, and be willing to participate in things more and more (still nonsexually, obvs.).

I’m so happy to have a boy like him to explore and have adventures with. He’s fun and has wicked ideas and I absolutely trust him.

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