My headmistress (the word makes me picture the principal of a stuffy English boarding school, but it’s apparently also what you call a woman who runs a dungeon) sent me what she considers to be the best promotional pics from our shoot, for my approval. I learned at the shoot that Headmistress is not a photographer – just an average schmoe with a digital camera. I guess she wanted to take the pics herself to save money. Which is understandable but I was worried that between her lack of technical skill and my weird-ass face, none of the pics would look any good.

But no, there were many that were at least serviceable and a couple that I really liked. I’m sure a professional photographer would find issues with them all, but they show my personality and play up my physical assets and that’s the main thing.

If I do a few sessions and decide I definitely like this gig, I’ll probably see about getting some professional pics taken. The Veteran and The Bunny both know good photographers who might help me out for cheap or free.

In other news, the Celexa I’m on for anxiety seems to be making me super hungry. I think I probably have been kinda depressed without realizing it and it was killing my appetite (par for the course with me). I thought maybe my attention span was getting better since going on the pills, but now I’m not sure. And I’ve suddenly been feeling really low-energy and needing to sleep a crazy amount but I think actually I may be coming down with a cold and that’s why. I know this sounds whackadoo but I get a weird smell inside my head when I’m getting sick (when I was little I called it “the flu smell” and my mom thought I was nuts). I can smell traces of the flu smell sometimes lately, and if I pay really close attention my head feels kinda “off,” too. Spacey, or something. So yeah.


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2 responses to “Progress

  1. Thud

    I suggest that you get some OTC vitamin B12 to help you with the sleepiness and the low energy. Works for me (in spite of the SSRI).

    • Already got some. Also magnesium.

      Feel free to keep on suggesting stuff if you want, but bear in mind I’ve been aware of my depression and anxiety for almost twenty years now and heavily researching causes, symptoms, treatments, etc. during that entire time.

      For instance, I’ve already asked my doctor about a prescription supplement called Deplin that is basically a mega-dose of vitamin B in a format that the body absorbs really easily. It’s been shown to do wonders for depressives and people with energy problems of various kinds.

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