Doing all the things.

There’s a guy I’ve been talking to on FetLife, and tried to meet up with a few times. He had to cancel twice, for perfectly reasonable reasons. Then there were two times when he was like “Soooo, when can we reschedule?” and I was like “Um I have a lot of stuff going on, please bear with me.”

Which probably sounds like a cheap excuse, to him. But the first time around, I had a costume to sew for an art modelling job and I’d put it off til the last minute, and then it was Pride weekend and The Veteran and I were going to try our hand at street vending our artsy wares there, so there was a bunch of preparation. And I was going to physiotherapy for my fucked up arm. So that week was pretty used up.

And now I just got a new kitten, just got prescribed antidepressants (and also therapy, so multiple appointments with various professionals) and I’m in the process of becoming a pro domme.

So yeah. This is not your garden variety postponement. I got shit goin’ on, yo.

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  1. Thud

    Yes, this just sort of happens; life gets in the way even tho we have the best of intentions. I’ve lost opportunities with women simply because all of a sudden a tooth went bad and I had to have a root canal. Or one of the dogs gets sick, and my daily routine schedule is upset. Or Mom needs attention. If they are REALLY interested, and if they have any degree of PATIENCE, and if they don’t OVERANALYZE your , uh, inability at the moment, they will persist … and in the case of you, be rewarded for their PERSISTENCE. Peace be with you.

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