Here we go.

Had my pro-domme promotional photos taken today. Wrote my profile text yesterday. I’m actually doing this.



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2 responses to “Here we go.

  1. Sounds exciting and scary!

    I’ll be interested to hear (if you feel like sharing) about the degree to which the materials (photos and profile) reflect your own characteristics, turn-ons, and wants as a “lifestyle dominant,” and what (if anything) you’ve chosen to include as more “part of the job.”

    I have no idea if that makes sense… hope so. Eager to hear how it goes and hopeful that you’ll love it!

    • Ooooh, good question!

      My clothes in the photos are almost entirely dictated by what clients want. In my personal life I believe that subs are supposed to be eye candy for me, not the other way around. Generally I would choose to play naked or in pyjamas or something.

      Mind you, I do love role play, and when I do it I’m detail oriented and want to look the part perfectly. A couple of my outfits are in fact costumes aimed at the most commonly requested play-acting roles (roles that sound like a total blast and I’m looking forward to trying them out!), and although these are not outfits I’d ever voluntarily wear in my day-to-day life, I am totally down with them in this context. That’s why I said my outfits are almost entirely dictated by the clients.

      My profile encourages foot and leg worship. I do love having my feet and legs massaged and caressed, but I don’t know that I’d enjoy it from a stranger and anyway I’d bet most clients define “foot and leg worship” as more of an oral thing – kissing/licking. I’m indifferent, at best, to the idea of a stranger slobbering on me, but I figure the worship thing is gonna probably be a big draw for me (since I’m so crazy tall and have huge feet and long legs) and an easy way to make money.

      I also say that I’m into helping dudes cross-dress. I’m actually not sure I’m into that anymore…I used to be, but now I dunno. The attitude of a lot of crossdressers kinda grates on me. But I’m good with makeup and have a really good idea of what men are looking for out of feminization, so I know I could give a really good experience.

      Everything else I say I’m into, I really am into. And even the above-mentioned activities seem like they could be fun for me on some level. Acting all imperious while a guy kisses my feet, and demanding that he tell me how amazing I am, doesn’t sound like too bad a deal for the amount I’m getting paid. And the crossdressing thing could feel awesomely like a girlie sleepover/makeover party in some ways, plus I get to dole out the kind of objectification I love.

      I’m increasingly certain that inflicting pain will probably turn me on, even if I’m not attracted to the person I’m giving it to. Or at least, it’ll turn me on if my victim is making appealing sounds and giving me that submissive energy I crave.

      Even if none of it particularly satisfies me in a D/s sense, I get huge satisfaction from doing a challenging job well, so just intuiting what people need and delivering it to them will probably leave me feeling awesome.

      So hopefully I’ll enjoy this on some level. But I won’t know until I actually do some sessions. Which I will absolutely write about here, when the time comes.

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