An investment I hope will pay off.

The Veteran and I went shopping for domme clothes today. I need at least one “office”-looking outfit and at least one fetishy outfit. I already own some goth clothes, although (I realized after thinking it through) nothing for my lower half; just a couple of corsets and a wet-look black tank top. I vaguely thought about trying to find matching wet-look leggings, but mostly wanted to focus on the office wear part of the equation.

Except it’s Sunday, and stores all close at five or six o’clock. And The Veteran and I got off to a late start.

So we ended up at our local sex shop, which is open til late.

And I ended up spending a hundred bucks on fetishwear. Which is not a lot, and the outfit looks spectacular on me. But it bothers me, in a way, that it’s so cliche (a wet-look mini-dress and a corset).

It’s weird…I love roleplay, and am looking forward to that aspect of pro-domming, but I guess I need the role play to be on my terms. In the various costumes I wear for modelling, I either feel like me still on some level, or I feel badass. Looking like the archetypal dominatrix doesn’t make me feel like either of those things, and I’m afraid the feeling of wearing a ludicrous costume will get in the way of my performance.

But the boss lady wants to take promotional photos ASAP, and I want to get the moneymaking process started ASAP, and I’m a fuckin’ giant with a hugely disparate hip-to-waist ratio so it’s not like I can find clothes that look good on me any ol’ place. At least now I’ve got something to wear. I can sew myself a properly fitting, comfier dress at a later time.


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3 responses to “An investment I hope will pay off.

  1. Andy

    Maybe when you have a bit more time and perhaps a bit of clientele, you’ll be able to find some comfy middle ground between stereotypical dom-wear and your own style. Hell, maybe you’ll even find some undiscovered niche!

    • I already have some ideas for “middle ground” – it’s just that there’s no time to execute them! And I guess I’m stressing because apparently clients tend to ask for exactly the outfit they saw in a promotional photo so it feels like whatever I wear will be set in stone.

      Unless I wanna get my boss to take more photos after I’ve acquired the things I want. I’m just reluctant to put her to the trouble.

  2. Andy

    Hmm, yeah, I can see that. Confession: I’ve always wanted to see a pro-domme, although I’ve never had the money for it. There’s something about the pre-set expectations of it that I find super-comforting. Paying for someone to respect my boundaries, in a way. And in my (very) abortive fantasies regarding such, I’ve usually imagined the domme dressed as she appears in one of her promo photos.

    That said, if your career takes off, I’d think more photos could only ever be a good thing and there’s never a shortage of men willing to take pictures of kinky women, if that’s a service a woman is in need of.

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