The Bunny came over tonight. He said hi to the new kitten and then we watched some Archer on NetFlix. As usual, he pretty much just touched one of my shins and I was like “NEED MOAR SKIN CONTACT” and shucked off my clothes in about two seconds. So yeah…I was sprawled all over him and he idly petted me while we watched cartoons. I don’t know how he can elicit such moans from me and not get turned on…if the shoe were on the other foot his vocalizations would drive me batshit crazy and I’d jump him.

Or, hell, maybe my sounds *did* get him going because we ended up fucking, finally. I can’t tell you what a relief that is.

Also, remember my previous fear that if I backed off and waited for him to give the sexual go-ahead, he’d hint too subtly and I’d never get laid again? Yeah, I should’ve known better. The Bunny is not a subtle person. We were aimlessly chatting and my eye was caught by peripheral movement: the Bunny had surreptitiously pulled out his cock and was manually twirling it around like a propeller. I couldn’t make this shit up.

But yeah. I got pounded good. The Bunny even came, which he doesn’t always. I needed that.


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2 responses to “RAWR.

  1. Thud

    Maybe the new kitty set him off ! Who doesn’t feel amorous after they pet a cat ?

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