On Friday I have a job interview…for a pro domme position.

My potential boss/the woman who runs the dungeon is someone I met once in person and have interacted with a bit on FetLife.  She gives me a really good vibe, and the way this whole thing works sounds pretty good to me. I was afraid I’d have to dress and act like a porn domme all the time, but my potential boss wants all her dommes to truly be having fun in session because clients can tell the difference – and this means drawing on my actual personality and only doing activities I more-or-less enjoy. 

So I’ll mostly just be a sort of dramatic, amplified version of myself – but with some customer service skills thrown in.

Art modelling has prepared me well for this. I’m already accustomed to being a performer who walks the line between protecting my physical and emotional well-being and providing a good experience for my audience. I’m already accustomed to thinking on my feet, play-acting, wearing costumes, and behaving calmly and graciously while naked*. And I’m accustomed to being stared at in an awestruck manner.

I think I can do this. And OMG if my career took off my money problems would be solved.


*I will not be naked during sessions. But in art class I’ve been fully nude and had to tell instructors not to touch me without permission, or that I was too tired to do another standing pose but would be happy to sit on a high stool. Defending my boundaries while in lingerie or fetishwear would feel pretty similar. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t necessarily feel vulnerable just because my ass is on display, is what I’m saying.


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5 responses to “EEEEEK!

  1. Andy

    Oh my gosh! Good luck with your interview. That sounds like a fantastic solution, monetarily, if it works out. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Thud

    Best of Luck ! …. altho I don’t think you need luck, you’re GOOD !
    Please let us know how this goes. We do care.

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