All of a sudden I’m hot.

Due, I think, to a combination of it being summer (so I’m wearing dresses instead of sweatpants plus eight shirts of varying thicknesses) and an increase in confidence from all the art modelling, I am getting ALL TEH COMPLIMENTS from strangers lately. It’s the weirdest thing.

Not catcalls or comments on my body parts. Not people hitting on me, either. I mean a guy coming up to me and saying “I just want you to know that I think you’re really hot” and then walking away. Or a guy smiling and saying “you’re beautiful” as he rides past me on his bike. Or a woman in the grocery store doing a double take and going “That’s an awesome dress!” (Because yeah, sometimes it’s women.) Or a guy grinning and saying “You are rocking that hair!” as he passes me on the street.

Lovely compliments given with no ulterior motive or expectation. And it seriously happens almost every time I leave the house.

Society trains men to think that women’s bodies exist for them, and so arguably, on some level, a dude complimenting a woman’s appearance is kinda saying “Congratulations on properly doing your job of being attractive to men! You get a gold star.” It’s pretty entitled to go around bestowing your opinion of someone’s appearance on them, right? 

Except, I dunno, I just can’t bring myself to get upset over this. I don’t rely on the opinions of strangers, by any means; when I wasn’t getting complimented by strangers all the time, I didn’t long for it to happen. I just lived my life. But now it’s happening, and it’s actually kind of lovely to realize that men are capable of complimenting a woman respectfully – like they’re actually trying to brighten her day, not exert power over her.

Also, you may recall that last summer I had a couple of different people misgender me while I was wearing a dress. This year, strangers are falling all over themselves to tell me I’m a hot chick. I still look basically the same, so all I can think is that my body language has changed in some way. Fascinating.

Anyway, lately I feel like I’m moving through the world in a charmed bubble of hotness. THIS IS THE SUMMER OF COWGIRL!!!

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