Just to offset my annoyance at The Bunny in my previous post, let me share a cool thing about him.

Shortly after he bought me that silicone dick, I texted him saying something like “btw, what’s the rule with this toy? Shall I assume it’s to be used with you only? I mean that would be my default mode but I’m curious to hear your thoughts.”

He replied that he wants to be the one to break it in, but after fucking him with it say three times, it can be “free range.”

Not to mention, the day he bought it I asked if we should keep it at his place or mine (it’s a model of toy that a previous partner had used on him before, so he knows that the length and girth feel good to him; it’s not a big leap to think that this was more a gift to him than me) and he said no, he bought it for me, it should live at my house.

I wouldn’t have minded if The Bunny only wanted me to use the toy with him, or to keep it at his place (hell, if we’d broken up soon after that purchase – as I kinda thought we might – I would have offered to give it back!). But he’s made it clear that this gift is truly mine to use as I please, and I think that’s pretty amazing.

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