Shiny things!

So I put up a thingy on FetLife stating that I’ll post pedicure photos for people who buy me nail polish, and so far, two people have!

I’m still waiting for my orders to arrive so I can try out my new goodies, take and post pics, etc.  But I’m excited.

Also, I mentioned my new nail polish obsession to The Veteran and she ended up going through her extensive makeup collection and giving me some stuff – not only nail polish but, like, completely unused MAC lipsticks and some eye shadows and things.  Yay!  Last night I filed my (longish, rounded) nails into a more square shape and applied some silver sparkly polish The Veteran gave me.  My hands look like lady-hands!  People have told me I could be a hand model for basically my entire adult life, but it’s been ages since I’ve attempted to do girlie nails and I’m surprised at how easily I can make my hands conform to what magazines say a woman’s hands should look like.  I’m not accustomed to performing femininity correctly.

I’m having a hard time getting used to the square nails, though.  Typing feels odd and picking my nose requires some finesse.  I really love the look of the nails but if I’m not used to their shape in a week or so I guess I’ll cut ’em round again.

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