Awwww goddammit.

The Bunny texted me at 5am to say he was just getting in and needed to move our meeting time from 11am to 2pm.  Which, y’know, so much for me feeling special because he wanted to get such an early start on our time together.  And also, I think these play parties only go until 1 or 2am, so WTF?

I texted back to say okay, but six minutes later (after debating back and forth about it) I added “…Although I don’t love that your fun with someone else appears to be resulting in less fun with ME.”

I’m glad I spoke up because The Bunny replied, “I’ll let you know what happened when I see you.  But it wasn’t so much fun as being safe and then public transit issues.”

So, he probably didn’t go back to RopeGirl’s place and fuck her or anything like that.  My guess is they stayed til the end of the party, he accompanied her most or all of the way home as a gentlemanly safety precaution, and then the bus system fucked up so majorly that he took forever to get back.  But yeah, we’ll talk about it when I see him.

I just think that if someone is out somewhere the night before they have plans with someone else, they should make an effort not to let the night out fuck up said plans.  That’s just good manners.

Buuuut, at the same time, The Bunny made his play party plans first, and paid $20 to be there.  So I feel kinda cruel expecting him to possibly curtail whatever fun he was having just so he could get home and get proper sleep so he could see me (hence my hesitation in sending that text).  Then again he’s the one who suggested our outing today, not me.  It’s up to him to properly manage his commitments.

This is one of those difficult boundary things for me of is-it-fair-to-be-angry-or-not.  I think my final answer is that I don’t care if it’s fair; what I care about is that my feelings got hurt.  I’d like to avoid this same situation happening in future, whether this means that The Bunny schedules our get-togethers differently or handles his night-before plans differently.  It doesn’t seem like that much to ask.



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