It’s true – there ARE dominant men who aren’t creepy and gross!

Meeting with the dominant dude went well.  I only felt a friend-vibe, nothing more, and I think he felt the same (which is probably for the best, considering) – but he’s so, so awesome.  I wanna be his bestest friend and make a kickass couch fort and play Legos with him in it. 😀


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4 responses to “It’s true – there ARE dominant men who aren’t creepy and gross!

  1. trillian

    I’d like to ask if you changed something about your blog template maybe?

    I have a feed reader that updates my read blogs and shows a little flag and a number if someone has a new post.
    As of yesterday, your last 10 posts keep coming up “unread”. I tried to mark them read, and clicked on each individually, so they become “read”… but this lasts for about 2 minutes – the reader refreshes every 2 minutes – and bam, Perversecowgirl has 10 new entries again!

    I have about 50 blogs in my reader and it’s only happening to yours. Would you have an idea why? (There are other wordpress blogs, too, but they are not doing this.)

    • Sorry, I don’t know! I haven’t changed anything.

      WordPress itself may have changed something…one minor thing I’ve noticed is that the smiley face emoticons look different than they used to. Maybe there are other behind-the-scenes things going on, as well.

  2. trillian

    Not sure what happened but it stopped thank goodness 🙂

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