WTF, universe? Srsly.

Oh and speaking of the universe sending me weird shit – not long ago, I had two guys message me in the same day.  Both expressed admiration over something I’d said in a post (not the same post though).  Both are local, both are 38, both seem like really cool progressive thinkers, and both of them are DOMINANT.

I friended them both.  One of them, I’ve continued chatting with, nearly constantly, for the past few days.  We have a calibre of conversational chemistry I haven’t felt with someone in ages – frankly, I have a raging crush on him.  So I want to meet him in person.  We’re grabbing coffee on Tuesday.

First and foremost, this is about me meeting someone who seems really neat and making a possible friend.  But if there somehow end up being sparks beyond that, fuck it, I’ll pursue that.  I seriously haven’t liked someone this much in a long time, and if the chemistry holds in person then it’s worth at least making out once to see what it’s like.

Disclaimer: neither of us has seen pics of the other’s face.  It’s possible – nay, probable – that we’ll find each other hideous.  It’s also probable that if we try to make out we’ll clash pretty badly – my habit of wrapping my hand around a boy’s throat when we kiss is not something most dudes can deal with, and if he has similar toppy habits then yeeeah.  Crash and buuuurn.

This meeting will either be awesome, or hilariously awful.  Either way it should make for a good story.

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  1. Thud

    my hottest longterm ‘romances’ have occurred with lovers who refused to exchange pictures before meeting ! Good Luck !

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