Oh, by the way, at my last private session with those two women, we were chatting and somehow got on the topic of kids.  I said I’ve never been interested in having any.  One lady said “You might change your mind…”  I said I really didn’t think so.  And so she was like “How old are you?” and I told her I was forty-one and that killed the line of questioning dead.  Dead.

Even as far back as my mid-thirties, people would have The Kids Conversation with me and the revelation of my age would make them stammer to a halt.  But now it works even better.  Ha!


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3 responses to “Breeders

  1. Thud

    I had a lover who was days-under-55 and before she let me “in” she had the ‘what if I get pregnant’ talk with me, to see if I’d be OK with her having a therapeutic abortion. 55 !! 55 !!!

  2. I told her I was forty-one and that killed the line of questioning dead. Dead.

    There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! I’ve been telling people for years that I just don’t want kids and I’ve definitely gotten the ‘you’ll change your mind when you’re older’ bullshit. Fortunately it hasn’t come up for a good while, but I like to think ‘I’m 31, how much older do I need to get?’ would shut that line of conversation down.

  3. Thud

    Yes, some friends and family just don’t get it that some women and men just don’t want to go down the road of motherhood/fatherhood. Nowadays women, men, & couples have more options, more choices. My first wife got her tubes tyed at 31, the OB/GYN did insist that she wait until she was at least 30. With my second wife I had a vasectomy. Following nerve-sparing prostate surgery I accidentally ended up with retrograde ejaculation, which is ALMOST as good as a vasectomy.

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