Funny things that happened during that last sleepover with The Bunny (and which I forgot to commemorate because of all the subsequent drama):

1) At one point – perhaps when I was going down on The Bunny preparatory to getting him hard enough to fuck, but honestly it could have happened any of a number of times – I asked The Bunny to slap me in the face with his cock, which he did (I think getting dick-slapped his hilarious, as long as it’s meant in a playful way and not a degrading one).  Then I was like “No, wait, say ‘Get ahold of yourself, woman!’ and then slap me with it” and The Bunny graciously complied.  I love that he’s willing to do all this ridiculous stuff I come up with.  I don’t generally get along well with people who aren’t willing to come along on flights of fancy.

2) At another point The Bunny’s cat was demanding to be fed, which means meowing loudly and repeatedly.  “She is staging an official protest over the lack of kibble,” I said, and I started chanting a typical labour protest phrase so it seemed like The Bunny’s cat was responding: “What do we want?” (MEOW!) “When do we want it?!?!?” (MEOW!).  The Bunny cracked the hell up over this, and started chanting at her, too.

Venting via text has made me feel less distant from him, now.  And in fact we’re back to chatting a whole bunch about random things.  I’m still gonna try to keep my guard up, a little bit, until I can see if he actually does make an effort to communicate with me better.  but for the time being things have settled and I feel okay.


May 21, 2014 · 4:53 pm

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  1. trillian

    Forgive me for changing the topic, but has the Pedant never responded to you ever since?

    • Yeah…I can’t remember if I blogged about it, though.

      Basically he just said he agreed he couldn’t give me what I wanted, he hoped we could still be friends, blah blah blah.

      We’re not friends, really, but I did text him for help with a computer issue once, and for the brand name of his electric razor, and he was helpful. Occasionally we “like” each others’ statuses on Facebook.

      But he was always kinda shitty at making plans and keeping in touch and stuff, so I’m not going to try to be his actual friend (the way I would define that word).

      I do have a fantasy of bumping into him somewhere, learning that he’s heading home with no plans, and saying “Come back to my place.” Whereupon we finally have the goodbye fuck I never got. Probably not likely, though.

    • …And hey – thanks for remembering about The Pedant and asking how it all worked out. ❤

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