Because I think it’s funny.

Just wanted to commemorate an amusing thing that happened the last time The Bunny and I had sex (which according to my calendar was almost three weeks ago – no wonder I’m feeling so backed up!).

I’d slept over, but needed to leave at noon for a shift.  The Bunny, meanwhile, had done his usual thing of inviting me over without mentioning that he had stuff to do the next day – he had a dentist appointment in the morning.  He let me stay at his place while he went to it, but the bottom line is by the time he came back and we had breakfast, we had maybe an hour in which to have sex.  I hate having to rush, but really really wanted to fuck him, so we made use of the time as best we could.

The Bunny – probably not much in a sexy headspace from just having had his teeth cleaned – was having some erectile difficulties.  We sorta did PIV for a few minutes but it was a bit stop-and-go.  We took a break from that in order to focus on me with the Hitachi for a bit, and by the time I’d gotten off a couple of times The Bunny had conquered his hydraulics issues.

So he climbed aboard and tried to push back inside me and after a minute or so he was like “Wow, this is totally not happening.  It’s like trying to drill through a steel wall.”  Apparently my orgasms had clenched me up so much that my vagina had functionally disappeared.

I thought that was amusing.  The whole encounter was amusing, in a comedy-of-errors way.  The Bunny was apologizing for his unreliable penis via text for the rest of the day, but I didn’t need or want an apology, and told him so.  I think we had an awesome time  considering how much we had to rush; The Bunny got me off wonderfully, I ultimately got to watch him get off, too (albeit through masturbation), and our intimacy left me with a huge silly grin all afternoon.

Can’t wait for our marathon visit this weekend, though.  I really need some naked time that doesn’t have a deadline on it.

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