A “good to know” would have sufficed…

Oh, that silly Bunny.  Look how he responds to mushy things:

Me: In other news, my mind keeps going back to this one moment during the play party where I paused to pet your (clothespinned) penis briefly…

Bunny: Whyyyyyy

Me: …So silky and pretty (and damp at the end, despite or maybe because of the clothespins and paddling…[new message]…And it struck me all at once that you were immobilized and laid out all for me.  [New message] Others might admire what you were displaying, but in that moment it was all and only mine.  [New message] So fucking hot.

Bunny: Pervert. 😛

Me: Also, when you knelt, took my boots off and massaged my feet I felt like the queen of the world. [New message]  The whole. Damn. World.

Bunny: Hab

Me [quite some time later, having been waylaid by errands]: Buh?

Bunny: I was too lazy to correct to Ha!

Me: Dork.

I believe The Bunny enjoys and maybe even needs these sorts of affirmations (he certainly talks a lot about how most women don’t seem to appreciate him) but he gets so flustered by praise that he has no idea how to respond to it.  I’m okay with the flippant way he acknowledges my compliments…for now.  When it becomes tedious – and I promise you, it will – I’ll address it with him.

We did specifically talk a while back about how he’s always calling me a pervert, and he confirmed that he doesn’t mean it in a slut-shaming or kink-shaming way.  He claimed he means it admiringly, actually, but I don’t buy that.  Vast areas of The Bunny’s personality appear to be built around the concepts of sarcasm and deflection, so I really just think it’s that.


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5 responses to “A “good to know” would have sufficed…

  1. Andy

    Maaaan, you give out A+ dirty talk and get back hab-I’m-too-lazy-to-delete-the-b?

    • Yup. Welcome to The Pedant: Part II. (In this respect, anyway).

      On the bright side, The Bunny does things like kneeling at my feet, letting me strip him naked and beat him in public, cooking me amazing food, etc., etc. And he texts me every day. So, y’know…movin’ up in the world.

      • Andy

        True. I think you’re getting my hatred of texting leaking through. Gawd, I hate texting.

        • You hate doing it (social anxiety or similar)? Or you hate the concept in general, with all its pitfalls (no tone of voice to go from, misinterpretations abound)?

          • Andy

            I hate doing it BECAUSE of the pitfalls. I don’t hate the concept in general, I guess. Other people can do it if they like. But I see a lot of what I hate about texting in some of the conversations you’ve posted, so I guess I felt compelled to add my two cents.

            I’ve noticed that–upon rereading them later–e-mails I’ve sent from my phone are always vaguer and less demonstrative of what I was thinking at the time because the harder-to-use keyboard and smaller screen just subconsciously encourage brevity and omission. Throw in a character limit and my thoughts NEVER get across properly in texting. But, damningly–I don’t even realize at the time that my eloquence is slipping away. It just *happens*. From my end, I *feel* like I’ve put as much effort into the message (mostly because phone-typing is harder), so obviously that’ll show up to the other person, right? But not so much, in the end.

            The medium is the message and all that.

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