Stupid penis tricks

I know it’s nowhere near Hallowe’en, but I saw this photo online and think it’s hilarious.


As soon as I showed it to The Bunny, he pre-emptively said “NO!” 

I was like “Not even if I dress my junk in a haunted house costume?”


“Come on, that would be awesome!”


“You don’t wanna be the ghost in my haunted house?”


Awwww goddammit.

He’s not entirely without a sense of humour – a few weeks ago, when I found a photo of a woman lying with her head under a guy’s erection (his nut sac on her forehead) captioned “I’m a unicorn!” he rolled his eyes and said okay to replicating that.  Although he won’t let me photograph his junk (and I’m not sure I’d want such an undignified photograph of me, anyway) so I didn’t get to see myself being a unicorn.  I just lay there for a while, giggling and saying “I’m a unicorn!” and groping my own “horn,” and that’s about it.

To be honest, I don’t think his penis would make a good ghost, anyway – it lies along his stomach when he’s erect.  He’d have to actually hold it up straight, which would kill the “floating” effect.

That’s okay.  I’m sure I’ll find other fun things to inflict on The Bunny.  It’s a big ol’ internet out there.


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