In which I am a champion fellatrix

The Bunny and I were supposed to go to a play party; we’d planned this weeks ago.  Unfortunately, a big ol’ clusterfuck of stuff converged on me and made me not really fit to go.

Mostly, it was my situation with all the back taxes that did it.  I’m panicking over it, so I haven’t slept well in weeks, which is bringing out all my social anxiety really badly and making it so I can’t heal from work.  Also, I’ve been in such mental paralysis/procrastination mode that I’m on the internet for like sixteen straight hours a day.

The Bunny invited me to come shopping with him for those rubber shorts a few hours before the event.  I dragged myself out to meet him, hoping that I’d feel better once I got out and about, but I kinda didn’t.  All my muscles were sore, I was tired to the point of stupidity, and my eyes wouldn’t focus properly.

Incidentally, The Bunny is amusingly clueless about bodily dimensions.  A while back he guessed my weight at 220lbs (I’m around 160) and in the fetishwear store he poked through the rack of shorts and asked if I thought he’d be a Medium or a Small.  I was like “What?  No.  You’d be a Large, dude.  I’m a large in men’s shorts, and your hips look to be about the same width as mine.”  It’s completely odd to me that The Bunny would think he could be a size Small.  He’s stocky and has a great big (glorious!) ass.  If he’s a Small, what size does he think someone like Minx would wear?  It’s not like men’s clothes come in negative sizes.  I don’t think I’ve even seen an “Extra Small”.

Annnyhoo, they had no shorts in a size Large, and Medium didn’t fit, so that was disappointing.

The Bunny then either saw that I was in rough shape, or maybe I mentioned it to him.  He said “Are you gonna be okay to go tonight?”

I said “I’m gonna try…” I hate cancelling plans, and I assumed the Bunny was looking forward to this.

He said “No, no.  We won’t go if you’re not feeling up to it.”  Huh.  Cool.  If he was reeeeeally dying to go, I would imagine he’d’ve gone along with my offer of doing my best.  So probably he wasn’t too disappointed.  And I really did feel like steamed crap.

“Well, it’s not for a couple of hours, so let’s hang out at your place and I’ll see how I feel,” I said.

I’m always afraid of leaning on a partner too hard for help – I think feeling like someone is dependent on you kills any sexual spark.  So I didn’t actually ask for anything from The Bunny.  But he volunteered a massage, and ended up alternately massaging and petting me for a wonderfully long time.  Then he cued up some tv shows on his laptop and fed me homemade soup and orange juice.  I ended up staying the night, and he even let me have “my” side of the bed* – I’d dozed off there and he didn’t shift me or ask me to move or anything.  Even when I got up to go to the bathroom he didn’t scoot over and take my half.

In the morning, after snuggling all night, the most amazing thing happened.  I craved the taste and texture of The Bunny’s cock, as I often do, and started kissing and licking him.  And I just…didn’t wanna stop.  He tasted good, and after a short while his body kind of…tensed, or shifted, or something, and I could tell that he’d begun to get lost in what I was doing.

The Bunny began to whimper and moan, more and more loudly, and that was intriguing – I’ve made him moan from mouth stuff before, but never felt like I was making progress with him.  Usually he seems like what I’m doing feels good but it’s not going to take him to orgasm.  So by this point I started thinking, holy shit…will I actually be able to get him there?!?  And no way was I going to stop.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a small mouth.  I can’t keep up a “typical” blowjob – where you insert the dick in your mouth and either suck or pump your head or both – for more than ten seconds without my jaw starting to burn.  Hell, a lot of guys won’t even fit in my mouth, period.  So I compensate by doing a lot of stuff with my lips and tongue (without full mouth penetration), but throw in a bit of classic dick-sucking action every now and then just to mix it up.  Gratifyingly, The Bunny moaned loudest when I was doing the non-penetrative stuff.  That was a good sign because I can keep that stuff up for a looooong time without getting tired.

I remembered The Bunny telling me that often, during sexual stuff, he gets overstimulated and can’t come.  I paid close attention to his body signals, and whenever he seemed like he was plateauing, I did something different for a while.  I discovered that there’s a two-inch area along the underside of the shaft that gets a great reaction when I drag my tongue back and forth along it as hard as I can; I had not figured that out before.  I started throwing in some moans of my own, just to let The Bunny know I liked what I was doing.  I was so totally focused on The Bunny’s cock and body and sounds that nothing else existed in the world…frankly, I was having an absolute blast.  That’s the amazing part; I can’t ever remember fellatio being so much fun for me.

And then – oh holy shit holy shit – The Bunny wailed that he was going to come.  At the time, I was jerking him off with just my lips engulfing the tip of his cock, letting the furious motion of my hand drag his glans rapidly back and forth  through the inside surfaces of my lips and his urethral opening slide across my front teeth.  When The Bunny gave me the heads up, I panicked and almost broke rhythm, but quickly recovered and maintained exactly what I’d been doing, as best I could.  I made some enthusiastic sex noises to try to enhance The Bunny’s experience, and braced myself for an onslaught of semen.

The Bunny’s body tightened.  His sounds got more and more desperate.  And and and…he asked me to stop.

Now, there hadn’t been any ejaculate, but The Bunny has had dry orgasms before.  Plus, I thought guys had that whole “point of inevitability” thing – wouldn’t you think The Bunny would wait until that moment to announce that he was coming?  Otherwise it could be a false alarm.  But really I didn’t know what the hell was going on, so I asked him.  He said he’d been right at the edge, and had a bunch of weird, dry pulsation-type things, but not exactly an orgasm.  He doesn’t know why it misfired; it wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do.  I offered to use the Njoy Purewand on his ass and keep on going with the oral, but he said no, that would be too much stimulation right then.

Tangent: I haven’t gotten a guy to orgasm with my mouth in years – I kept having partners who needed a kind of oral stimulation I wasn’t capable of, or partners who took forever to come and I’d have to give up on the process and switch to something else before they were even halfway there.  This time, I basically got The Bunny there; something just went wonky on his end, is all.  I still consider this a triumph.  Yay me!

So anyway, The Bunny then asked what he could do for me, and I chose missionary-style Hitachi sandwich sex – one of my favourite things to do with The Bunny.  And it was super fun, but then I got overstimulated.  The Bunny had started making some subtle sounds indicating that perhaps he was deliberately holding back on my account (rather than nowhere near orgasm).  I set the Hitachi aside and said “You can come if you want to.”



And he jackhammered me for another five minutes or so and went absolutely still as he came – just skin on skin and face-to-face and his cock bucking inside me hard enough to make me gasp.  And then that whole intensity-transfer thing happened and I had a little cry, with him still on top of me, snuggling me and catching his breath.  After a little while, he got off me and I picked the Hitachi up again, coming twice as I mentally relived the sex we’d just had.  The Bunny pressed the vibrator harder into me just as I was coming, which…OMFG.

Afterwards, I said to him “I’m not a gamer, but I’m assuming there’s probably some video game where, if a character is jumping anyway, you can hit some kind of ‘turbo’ button to kinda supercharge it and make the guy jump way  higher.  That is basically what you did just then – you totally hit the ‘turbo’ button.”  The Bunny smiled at this analogy.

Then we showered and he fed me and he politely kicked me out because he had stuff to do.  I was grinning like an idiot all the way home, high on endorphins still.

A few hours later, The Bunny and I had this discussion via text:

Me: You really do taste good.

Bunny: Yeah, you were “going to town” on me there.

Me: To town and back, I think!  I have no idea how long that even lasted.  I was kinda Zenned out.

Bunny: I didn’t have the heart to interrupt.

Me [In a fit of insecurity]: Did you want to?  Were you bored?!

Bunny: Oh not at all.  You did so many different things!  All the things felt grand.

That’s so good to hear, and confirms that I made the right call in mixing things up to avoid overstimulation.  Also, I’m really happy he likes and values my ingenuity and doesn’t just see the stuff I do as a shitty consolation prize for not being able to deep throat (or, y’know…fit the head of his cock past my teeth).

And can I just say again, lavishing my mouth all over The Bunny’s junk was soooo much fun!  And also hot.  I’d really like to get him all the way to climax, though.  Practice will be forthcoming.  Lots and lots of practice. 😀

*Both of us typically prefer the “driver’s side” so usually whoever’s apartment we’re at gets first choice).


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2 responses to “In which I am a champion fellatrix

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  2. Thud

    ” I have a small mouth. I can’t keep up a “typical” blowjob – where you insert the dick in your mouth and either suck or pump your head or both – for more than ten seconds without my jaw starting to burn. Hell, a lot of guys won’t even fit in my mouth, period. So I compensate by doing a lot of stuff with my lips and tongue (without full mouth penetration), but throw in a bit of classic dick-sucking action every now and then just to mix it up.”

    You’re not unusual. Lots of women either won’t a c*ck anywhere near their mouth, or they can’t take it in. Many women have tiny mouths. One of my lovers had recently had jaw surgery and could barely open her mouth. She wasn’t using that as a convenient excuse. As the months passed she eventually took to licking, and even tentatively taking me in.

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