DAT ASS: now with 100% more latex!

The Bunny is thinking of buying himself a pair of, in his words, “rubber hot pants.”  I have to say, this is not a fashion statement I would’ve expected from him.  He generally seems incapable of thinking of his body as a sexual object, and I figured if he ever bought fetishwear it would probably be a pair of leather pants or, I dunno, a loose latex t-shirt.  Something that fits just like his regular clothes, only a different material, type thing.

Perhaps he’s finally seeing himself through my perpetually ogling eyes and realizing that he has a body worth flaunting.  Or maybe he just wants to own some fetishwear so he can get into parties with dress codes, but needs it to be stretchy and not-too-full-coverage because play parties require ease of movement and get hot.

Whatever.  The point is, in a couple of days I’m gonna go watch him try some things on and it’s gonna be hot.  Also, if he does end up buying something rubber, he’ll finally have fetishwear and I can take him to some of the parties with dress codes that I’ve been wanting to hit up.


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