Signs of life

A bunch of years ago, my friend Red and I (and a couple of other people) went to Las Vegas.  Red mostly just wanted to see the casinos and stuff, but was accommodating when I insisted I wanted us to go on a nature tour.  I’d never seen a desert before and it would have been silly to be so close to one and miss out on it.

The desert was…interesting.  At first it looks barren, like there’s nothing going on at all.  But the longer you stand still and pay attention, the more stuff you start to notice.  Animals that you didn’t see before – sand-and-rock-coloured animals who perhaps had spotted you and frozen out of caution – begin to stir and go about their animal business.  You begin to realize there’s a thriving ecosystem there, just one that you’re not accustomed to so you didn’t know the signs.

This is what some guys’ sexuality is like. 

When I was first seeing The Bunny, doing stuff to his nipples got no reaction.  – Well, doing gentle stuff got no reaction.  Biting and/or twisting did.

But I like guys’ nipples; I like the texture of them against my lips and tongue.  So I tend to spend some time there unless my partner actively tells me not to.  And The Bunny has slowly begun to respond.  

All I can think is that nobody’s done a lot of nipple-licking on him before, so it’s a new sensation and took a while for him to process.  Or maybe he’s used to rougher treatment of them and had to kinda recalibrate himself to notice the things I do.  But yeah, nowadays even delicate mouthwork makes The Bunny moan at least a little bit.

And the other day when he was blindfolded, I started kissing and licking his neck – which I don’t think I’ve done before, probably because he doesn’t usually seem to respond to light touches anywhere – but this, too, made him moan.  Maybe being blindfolded enhanced his sense of touch, or maybe I’ve been remiss in not exploring his neck earlier.

The Bunny says he’s always taken a while to orgasm (and this is true from what I’ve seen – even jerking off is like ten minutes at least for him).  Now I’m wondering whether the right kind of foreplay, and lots of it, might cut a few minutes off his time.  A lot of guys seem (compared to me and my SuperSkin<tm>) kind of physically insensitive, like they’re wearing an invisible wetsuit that muffles all sensation anywhere except their dicks.  Sometimes, though, there are vast untapped possibilities.  Sometimes, a guy’s sexuality is a desert: it looks harsh and barren but there’s actually all kinds of life to be found.  You just have to move slowly and keep your eyes and ears open.


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2 responses to “Signs of life

  1. I’ve found similar things. Many guys seem to have a somewhat distanced relationship to most of their bodies, which can sometimes be enlivened, but it tends to take time. Tends to make me sad a bit, being also a person with A LOT of sensation going on in lots of places and very receptive to tactile stimulation in various places. Possibly all over my body if done right. Sometimes I wonder if it is really a matter of being repressed in men, and wonder how that came about, or if that person is afraid of something that might happen if they feel too much.

    • Many guys seem to have a somewhat distanced relationship to most of their bodies

      Yes, that’s a good way to put it. Probably doesn’t help that so many dudes think they have to shut off their own pleasure in order to pointlessly pound a woman’s vagina for an hour without coming.

      But this makes it all the more depressing that women’s sexuality is considered delicate and mysterious and men’s is considered straightforward and simple: people often seem to give up on pleasuring women because they assume it’ll be too complicated, and people often seem to not even try to bring a man’s pleasure to its full potential because what’s the point, right? He just needs the in-out for five minutes and then nap. Followed by steak, beer, and the remote control to the tv.

      Gender stereotypes ruin it for everyone.

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