In Which The Bunny and I do ALL. THE. THINGS.

I arrived at The Bunny’s place and let myself in with the keys he’d left, as per our plan.  His apartment was almost pitch black; the light switches are not in the obvious places (I felt around) and my night vision pretty much sucks.  I think I may have called out a hello.  Nothing but dead silence in return.  I managed to get my coat and shoes off and lug my bag-o-supplies into the bedroom.

The bedroom was lit only by a single lava lamp.  When my eyes adjusted, I realized that The Bunny was lying quietly on the bed, clad only in boxers and a blindfold.  He’d frog-tied each of his legs so they were stuck in a jacknifed position.  His arms were at his sides; later, I realized he’d put some kind of velcro(?) cuffs around them and attached these together behind his back.

I figured The Bunny would have his legs tied, because we’d talked about that.  I was not expecting any of the rest of it – his stillness and silence and blindfold.  I thought he wanted a scene more-or-less out of BDSM porn – something where we were interacting a lot and he’d sass me and need to be put back in his place.  But there he was, laid out for me like a buffet and giving off a palpable “do what you wish” vibe.  And my heart skipped a beat at the sight of him.

Before I left my apartment, The Bunny had texted me to ask if I’d be showering at his place.  I said “depends on how sticky I get” and he said no, he meant before play.  I said I was just about to hop in the shower here at home and he was like “Nooooo, do it here.”  So I thought maybe he was planning something.- like to actually wash and dress me or something (he currently had custody of the stockings I wanted to wear).  But then I got there and he was waiting on the bed like that and I just…didn’t know what I was supposed to do.  Did he want me to just leave him there and shower?  What would be the point of me changing into stockings if he can’t see them?  I opted to stay and play with him.

Honestly, the whole visit is a bit of a blur now.  We played for hours.

I remember reviving the grand old tradition of the Birthday Spanking and giving The Bunny 28 hard smacks…on the cock.  Except more, really, because I kept losing count (sometimes on purpose).  I remember bringing out my riding crop at one point.  I remember trying to emulate the BDSM porn he likes and make him beg to feel my mouth on him (there’s always a point where the dominant woman lavishes sexual attention on her sub, but he has to ask nicely).  That didn’t work; The Bunny remained silent.  When I twisted his nipple and yelled at him to beg, he did gasp “please stop,” which was not the begging I was looking for but was pretty hot anyway.  At some other point I was licking one of his nipples – a thing that, like sticking my tongue in his ear, he says feels arousing but also weird at the same time.  He craned his neck to sort of push my head away from his chest using his head.  I shoved his head back down against the pillow, slapped his face, and continued on.

At one point he started insistently tapping his foot against my leg and I eventually realized he was trying to tell me there was a problem with the rope on that side.  Odd that he didn’t just speak up; he seemed really committed to not talking during our play, for some reason.  I felt his foot for coldness (as he’d taught me to do; it’s a sign the circulation has been cut off).  It felt sort of chilly, but no more so than the other one.  I asked The Bunny if he needed to be let out and he said just on the one side, so I did that, loosening the ropes by feel in the almost-dark of his bedroom.  I’m sorta pleased with myself because, as much as it feels like his rope lessons aren’t sticking and I just irredeemably suck, when I was undoing The Bunny’s bondage work I thought “Hey the rope won’t pull anymore – oh, he must have locked it here” and, later, “Oh hey, he did a single-column tie around his ankle.”  So I guess I kinda retained some information.

I think it was at roughly that time that I mentioned I was frustrated that The Bunny was wearing boxers.  He said he wore them so I could rip or cut them off – he’d texted me this information earlier but I’d missed it.  

I decided to go take that shower after all, and left The Bunny waiting for me.  When I returned, clean and stocking-clad, I straddled The Bunny and my knee encountered something on the mattress: the safety scissors he keeps handy for emergency bondage situations.  I cut a slit in the leg of The Bunny’s boxers and then gave them a good solid yank, ripping them to the waist (where the elastic wouldn’t tear and I had to use the scissors again).  Then I did the same thing to the other leg.  The Bunny gasped deeply each time and I saw his chest hitch as he began to breathe more heavily.  Fascinating.

A certain amount of licking/teasing/making out later, The Bunny needed his other leg released…and then for whatever reason he slipped his arms out of bondage and took off his blindfold and things took on a less formal vibe.  

I decided that I wanted to play with The Bunny’s ass – with him being so backed up from his week without coming, I figured maybe there was a chance I could give him a hands-free prostate orgasm.  And I know he was hoping to explore this, too.

My ministrations made him have to pee – or he thought he did, anyway, and wanted to go investigate.  When he came back from the bathroom he took my face in his hands and kissed me on the mouth before settling back down into penetration position.  I think at that point I was in a kind of clinical headspace from focusing on how to work The Bunny’s prostate.  I guess on some level I’d assumed he was in a clinical headspace, too, like just focusing on his own ass, and I was just kind of a service provider.  So his kiss surprised and delighted me.

So, back to rubbing The Bunny’s prostate with two fingers.  When the tendons in my hand started to get sore, The Bunny suggested I use the small end of his new Njoy PureWand on him instead, so I got it, lubed it, and slid it in.  “Move it forward a bit more and angle it up?  …Oh.  Yes.  That gives my penis a tingly feeling.”  I began to thrust the wand ever-so-slightly in and out, and (as sometimes happens when The Bunny experiences intense sensations) he began shaking uncontrollably.  Also moaning.  I noticed his hand twitch toward his cock, just for a second, but then go still again; perhaps he remembered that our goal was to get him off without him jerking off.

His moans kept on escalating, but then suddenly he asked me to stop.

“Are you okay?” I asked.  

“It’s just too intense,” he said.  

“But doesn’t intensity probably mean we’re close to something and should keep going?”

“Cut me some slack – this sensation is really new to me!”

“Of course.  I’ll do whatever you need.  Do you want me to just hold still like this, or pull out entirely?”

“Pull out.”

The Bunny was still violently shuddering.  He hadn’t stopped since I’d begun thrusting.  I put the PureWand aside and lay next to him, holding and petting him.until he finally went still.  

I ended up riding The Bunny while my Njoy Pfun Plug was inserted in his ass.  There was a lot of eye contact, a lot of kissing.  He remained uncharacteristically still, letting me do all the thrusting until he got on the home stretch and then I guess couldn’t remain passive anymore and did his usual thing of jackhammering up at me while I just held still and braced myself.  His moans were epic and the orgasm-twitchies in his cock were just ridiculously powerful – each one sent a shiver through me. He said it was the pressure of the plug against his prostate that made the spasms so strong.

I forget the exact sequence of events after this.  I know that The Bunny ended up jerking off two more times that night – once with me Purewanding his ass at the same time.  I know that I had two sessions of maybe three orgasms each – one of those sessions with The Bunny manipulating the large end of the Purewand in my vag (he’d washed it, don’t worry).  Then a snack.  Then sleep.

In the morning, The Bunny jerked off yet again.  Maybe twice?  I forget.  He invited me to torture him with the Hitachi right after he came, like we’ve seen in some porn – stimulate him full-out at a time when he’s painfully sensitive.  This got some pretty amazing reactions out of him, although curiously he didn’t seem to be as in pain as the guys in porn did (or as I would’ve been had he done this to me).  He howled and squirmed, but didn’t seem to be cringing away from me particularly.

I…can’t even remember anymore whether I came some more or not.  All I know is that this visit left me absolutely sated and blissed out.  Watching a guy come is one of my favourite things ever and The Bunny’s fast reload time means I get just about as much of that as I want, so it’s awesome.

After all the sexytimes and then breakfast, The Bunny said he needed to get to his (flexible hours, secondary) job.  I wasn’t trying to stall him on purpose but I was kinda lazy and dopey with endorphins so it took a while for me to get my ass in gear; The Bunny has to prompt me a few times.  At one point he came over to where I was lying on the bed and tried to hand me my pants; I gave him an insolent look and lifted one foot so he’d put them on for me instead, which he did.  And he muttered under his breath “I can’t believe I’m dressing a 40 year old” which cracked me right the fuck up.

I have so totally fallen for this boy.  And, yeah, as with The Pedant I am burning to tell him even though I suspect he’s not comfortable with expressing emotions and therefore won’t say it back.  Just – the times I loved a dude and never said so, it always bothered me.  Always.  Even after we broke up.  I don’t want to feel that regret again.  At the same time, though, I do not want to set things up as some huge romantic moment.  I’m gonna try to slip the words into conversation in such a way that there’s no expectation of him saying them back.  Like if he pisses me off I’ll be like “Dude, I love you but I need you to shut up right now.”  Or if he asks me why I’ve done some nice thing I’ll be like “I like doing that stuff for people I love.”

It’s actually really tempting to just say it via text message but I suppose that would be gauche.


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5 responses to “In Which The Bunny and I do ALL. THE. THINGS.

  1. jnakabb

    What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.

  2. Sounds so perfect! I’m a little envious about the reload times, girl. 😀 And it didn’t end up being like in pron, it was what you two made out of it!

    • Yeah, and it’s not like he told me I did it wrong afterwards, either. He may fantasize about porny things, but he doesn’t seem to want me to be a total puppet straightforwardly acting it out. He’s okay with me being myself, and getting creative with things. I adore him. ❤

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