A moment

At the recent rope practice thing The Bunny and I went to, he stripped down to boxer briefs and a t-shirt he’d bought for the occasion – stretchy, for freedom of movement.  I did a “chest tie” that made a sort of harness with his arms behind his back.  Then I tied the end of the rope to a bolt through the ceiling; not quite a suspension, I suppose, as he was still standing firmly on the ground…but certainly a way of keeping him upright even if his knees gave out.

The chest tie took a long-ass time for me to do (and I think I’ve already forgotten how…I’m just not a person with rope aptitude, it seems).  After all that work, I didn’t want to undo it right away.  Instead I stood in front of The Bunny and kissed him a little bit, my hand automatically sliding up to wrap lightly around his throat.

And The Bunny almost immediately said “Stop…things are beginning to happen and these boxers.are not as concealing as I might have thought.”

We’ve been going out for four months or so; we’ve spent a lot of our time together naked and/or having sex; and still a bit of clothed, relatively chaste kissing with a hint of choking is enough to give him an erection (and the rope…we can’t forget the rope…that may be the most important factor in this equation, for him).

I am super diggin’ his responsiveness.  Especially after some of the sex-related crap guys have put me through in the past.

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