Girl stuff

The other day, The Bunny was over and I went to kiss him and he was like “OM NOM NOM” and pretended to be eating my lips.  Heh. 😀

Women are often stereotyped as mushy/sappy/silly almost to the point of being toddler-like, and men just kinda roll their eyes and put up with it or whatever.  But it recently occurred to me that I cannot remember being in a relationship where I started up any silliness or baby talk.  It was always my partner who opened the door on that stuff, and then I followed suit.  I mean, I do like that stuff to an extent; it just doesn’t usually occur to me to do it until someone else “breaks the seal.”

How does it usually go with you?



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7 responses to “Girl stuff

  1. The others/guys started it. Always. I sometimes rolled my eyes;) Also, there are different kinds of mushy. I’m better at some than at others…
    I’ve not had as intense relationships with women lovers yet as I had with some guys, but the ones I did seemed a lot less ‘childish’ than the guys actually.

    • I understand that men are constantly told to “be strong” and “man up” and they don’t typically feel they can talk to their same-sex friends about emotional stuff, the way women can…so I think a lot of hetero guys have a goofy, emotional side they can only show within the safe confines of a relationship.

      That’s my theory.

  2. Stereotypes are poor representations of reality. That’s the reminder I get from your example here. We need to let folks be fully human — brave, silly, confident, weepy, goofy, strong, and insecure — without trying to tie it down to the presence of a penis or vulva!

  3. Vy

    not being able to do a decent kitten impersonation is kind of a dealbreaker for me, so while i’m not usually the first to do daffy things, i do encourage it. so a little of both.
    although less so with women. women make me more nervous, so i try harder to be cool. (and fail. i fail at cool so hard.)

  4. What? Nonsense. I am disdainful and catlike and would never ever partake in silliness.

    Usually others start it, because I’m prone to overseriousness until snapped out if it. I’ve been told I make a great straight man for more comedic friends. The exception is an occasional play partner who can’t do or say anything without us both having gigglefits. She’s a super serious twue domme type; she’ll try to get me to do some Gorean position nonsense and I’ll agree on condition that I get to ride her Tarn. Or I’ll start singing Henry the Eighth mid-scene just out of sheer ridiculousness.

  5. Jos Q.

    I once did a fairly accurate Tarzan yell while standing, holding a metal-framed bed, in a Yurt, in the woods, during a rainstorm. Not what you’re describing, but definitely an innate response to having my junk tugged on, sucked and hitting the mark (wowsa, worth repeating)…

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