When I was at The Bunny’s place recently, he observed that my head needed re-shaving, and offered to do it for me.  It seems to be a theme in my life that once a guy starts to really like me, he offers to shave my head.  Minx did it, The Pedant did it, and now The Bunny.   And it always feels like they’re offering out of an eagerness to be useful to me, not because they think my hair looks like crap and it’s bugging them.  How totally sweet. 🙂

There was no time for head-shaving on that particular day because I had to go get groceries before the store closed, but we got it done the next time I was over.  The Bunny was quite skilled and precise with the shaver and even rinsed the clippings off me afterwards, adjusting the water to a comfy temperature and massaging my head under the stream from his detachable shower head.  Bliss.

Funny how there are certain behaviours from guys that are so common that I stopped even registering them.  Like the time I played with The Doll and he remained mute even after playtime was over because I’d told him a while back to be silent and I hadn’t said it was okay to talk again.  I think pretty much every other sub I’ve ever played with took it upon himself to stop doing something I’d asked for, or do something I’d said not to, because he figured the command didn’t count anymore.  And I’d always hesitate for a second, wondering if I should call the guy out on it, but never did because I had been about to rescind my orders anyway so I just would’ve looked petty.  And after a while I just kind of expected that once play was over, my partner would stop observing my commands.  But The Doll actually listened; he actually took me at my word.  And suddenly all those other subs didn’t look so great.

A similar thing happened with The Bunny on head-shaving day: after he rinsed and towel-dried my head, he noticed some fine, fluffy hairs on the back of my neck and decided to use his razor to shave them.  Not his electric shaver, I mean, but a hand razor – a two-blade disposable plastic Bic or whatever.  It was a little blunt, and pulled some of the hairs a bit, making me flinch; also my OCD kicked in and my stupid brain started picturing what it would feel/sound like if The Bunny got distracted and skated the razor sideways while the blades were pressed against my neck.  The Bunny sensed my sudden tension and asked if I was okay.  I didn’t know how to succinctly explain what was up, so I just stayed silent and forced myself to relax, assuming that The Bunny would take this as his cue to keep going.  But he didn’t.  After a brief pause, I realized that he wasn’t going to keep doing the thing that had appeared to upset me unless I actually said it was okay, and so I told him to continue.  He completed the shaving without incident.

It was a total fucking revelation to me to have someone wait for actual confirmation that I was okay instead of just assuming it and forging ahead.  I wish it wasn’t a revelation – I wish it was just par for the course – but no.

I bet The Bunny is a spectacular dominant.  I don’t have the slightest interest in him dominating me, but I must admit I’m increasingly interested in watching him dom someone else.  I think it would turn me on, and I might even pick up some tricks and techniques.


January 29, 2014 · 6:42 am

3 responses to “Sweetness.

  1. Vy


    That is so nice. Congrats on your lovely snugglebunny (get it? get it?)

    Oooh, and ps I have a bloggy thing now. I’m linking it in my name, if you’re interesteed.

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