Rope culture

The Bunny and I have been to a few “open rope practices” now (a bunch of people who chip in money to use a big-ass communal room to practice tying up their partner(s), and maybe play a bit).  And…I dunno.

First off, these practices cost money (suggested donation: $5) and it’s been crowded the last couple of times.  So The Bunny and I don’t have any more space to work than we would at one of our apartments, and people aren’t coming over and randomly offering us helpful hints or anything, so I’m not seeing any advantage to practicing in public.  There is a nice boy on FetLife who’s a rope aficionado and goes to these things; we’ve spoken online, and recognized each other at the practices, but were both too shy to actually approach each other.  If I could get him to come teach me some stuff – like tie The Bunny up so I can see how it’s done, instead of The Bunny trying to describe how best to tie his hands behind his back and stuff – then that would be really cool.  But as things stand…meh.

Secondly, I can’t really relate to the culture there.  In my mind, tying someone up is a utilitarian thing: I want to immobilize my partner so I can do shit to them.  And indeed, some of the couples at rope practice do end up playing a bit once one of them has been firmly bound.  But the vast majority of attendees just geek out on the tying process itself.  Person (a) ties up person (b), goes “Yup, I sure did tie you up, alright!” and then undoes it again, and that’s it.  I cannot relate to this.  I’ve been finding the practices really anticlimactic because I’m not willing to go too far with The Bunny in public, and am not sure what I’d even want to do with him if I could (when he’s bound and helpless I get a surge of predatory energy but it doesn’t take any particular form.  I just want………stuff).  So I tie him up and we make out a little bit or maybe I slap his ass, and then we go home.

It all seems kind of pointless.  I totally don’t get the idea of tying someone up being the end goal rather than the thing that keeps them from struggling so you can reach the end goal.

Funny story, though: last time, The Bunny made a rope harness around his butt and legs to see if it was possible to suspend himself that way (the venue has eye bolts and winches and shit in the ceiling for suspensions).  He seems to have a bit of a rope fetish, and is erect pretty much the entire time we’re at these things; plus he was wearing white shorts and the harness was kind of emphasizing his crotch region.  The Bunny caught me staring and said “My eyes are up here!!!” I wish to hell I’d put on a startled face and gone “Who said that?!?!?” but I did not have the presence of mind.  I think what said was “Oh, you have eyes?  I didn’t…notice…” while still staring at his cock.

Oh, also: later on, once I’d successfully (if pointlessly) tied his arms across his chest and then undone him, The Bunny gestured for me to lie on top of him for some snuggles (d’awwww).  I did so and he said something about being good at guessing people’s weights so I asked him to guess mine, since all of it was resting on him anyway.  His first guess was 220(!) and I honestly thought he was going deliberately high to provoke a spanking or something.  But no, apparently he doesn’t realize how much more muscle men have than women, and/or how much heavier muscle is than fat.  He just figured I’m substantially taller than he is so I must be substantially heavier, too.  I said I would guess that he and I are around the same weight, actually.  He’s six inches shorter than I am, but visibly overweight plus, you know, imbued with boy muscles.  Turns out I was correct: we’re both hovering around the 160 mark.  The Bunny still seems confused by this.  Such a silly boy.

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